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Enjoying this abrasive music. Stylish, messy, Afro Punk.


1. How were you introduced to electronic music?

I was brought up in a house were music was very important, my mother was a jazz and blues singer, my dad a fashion designer, who loved his rock and roll, so i was always around music, but not really electronic, this i discovered when i started DJING, i got my decks for my 14th birthday and at the time garage music was all the rage, so 2-step was my first electronic experience, over the years I started listening to more pirate radio and started hearing more electro and was hooked, from there on I was a bass fiend, anything that would make my gut shake , I would buy. as i got older I started getting into the techno, tec house stuff and now my sets consist of it all.

2. How has your music creation process developed over time?

Well I started getting into music production before the dj’ing, I was always writing music as a kid and when i was 12 , my dad put me on a logic music tec course for two months, I was lucky enough to be in a school which specialized in music, so I had the means to keep at it, before , after school in between classes, when ever I could, I was in the computer rooms using the old cubase program, messing around with sounds and samples. When I started dj’ing professionally at 16 i started making money, so I put all of it into buying my own set up, really basic at the time, pc, midi keyboard and cubase. I then went on to study this at uni , and really got into live and acoustic music, now my production is a mixture of electronic and live, I love melody so alot of my stuff is melodic, but sometimes a fucked up distortion is all that I need , it depends on my mood.

3. Currently, who are some of your favorite artists?

That’s hard, I listen to so many different things, from my parents old beatles, areatha records, to boys noise. but a few current artist who I really love at the moment would be, MGMT , MAJOR LAZOR, DIPLO, CYBERPUNKS ARE FUCKING CRAZY, also more alternative stuff like the SANTO GOLD, that record was fat, THE EDITORS, AND DEFTONES are my favorite band , there a heavy metal group, so you can see im a bit all over the place with my musical taste.

4. What is the electronic scene like in your part of the UK?

It’s pretty huge in london, there are a massive variety of clubs, bars to choose from all playing electronic based music, there’s brick lane for the tec house heads, old street for the electro kids and shorditch for the dubstep massive..

There’s always some thing happening be it monday or friday, its pretty cool. some promoters are putting on nights with 3 floors 25 djs, and 10 genres, so theres something for everybody.

5. What’s in the works for Afro Punk in 2010?

It’s already been a busy year for me, I’m lucky enough to be djing at least 3 nights a week, I’ve been to South Africa , Amsterdam and Turkey already this year, and summer is gonna be even crazier.. I have the “lets talk about it EP coming out in june on a german label, plus a feature with my mates HOAXX coming out later in the year on the label BOXON RECORDS so its all good.. check out my myspace for gigs, releases and free beeies..


keep at it girl.

DJ Phantom