Continues to inspire me. Pictureplane is gracing .//. DD .//. once again – this time with a new rumbling remix of Lil B’s “Real Life”..



1. It’s been 6 months since you’ve been on my blog, what’s been happening since then?

well, i went on a month long tour with small black and washed out all over the united states. it was brilliant. the tour went to canada as well, but the canadian government wont let me in their country because i have a criminal charge on my record saying i was throwing rocks at police. which is not true. but i have just been living and breathing ya dig?

2. HEALTH will be performing this Saturday in Seattle at the Vera Project. You put together an engaging remix of “Die Slow”, what’s your connection with HEALTH and how would you describe their live performances?

HEALTH are my best friends. i owe everything to them. they single handedly were responsible for a lot of people hearing my music, and they rule because of that. their band is amazing. we have toured the world together and they have seen me do some crazy shit. i will try and keep it G rated for the kids reading the blogz. i miss them a lot actually. we are both playing whartscape in baltimore in july together. i am very excited for that.

3. You have produced a remix for rapper LIL B, how would you describe your spin on his song?

i am a huge fan of LIL B. it is almost a little weird how much i love that dude. i seem to talk about him all the time to people. he is a true original, which is hard to find. i appreciate people who are legitimate eccentrics, and LIL B is one. as am i. i feel we are kindred spirits. he is here to shift things. and that is important. for the rework of his song, i just put some pictureplane swag undernieth his lyrics. i used to make hip-hop, so it was fun to produce a rap song. i wanted it to lead to future collaborations.. he is also playing whartscape, so hopefully it can lead to something. we talk on twitter sometimes.

4. How is the next album coming along? You mentioned it dealt a lot with sexuality..

next album is SLAMMIN. i am so excited. its a little to early in the game to be talking about it. but it deals with physicality and touch. and how we experience the universe through our physical bodies. sensuality. but it is next level man. i am doing some collabs with yasmine kittles from an amazing band called tearist. and also zola jesus. and some other possible ones.

Ill be opening for HEALTH alongside Gold Panda and Indian Jewelry tonight @ the Vera Project! 7:30PM. Come say hi.