1. You guys have recently released the “Love For Those Hustlers” E.P., from what i’ve heard of the opening track, it’s got a very breezy feel…How would you describe this release and what were some of your favorite songs to put together this time around?

Adam: I’ve got a soft spot for the title track. Eazy-E was a lyrical rapper. He had a singing quality with his rhymes and under the gangster exterior you know the guy was full of love. That’s what we wanted to do with this release was cut through a lot of the bravado and just share the love. If you’re alive today and feeding yourself and your family then you’ve got to be a hustler and you deserve some respect. Every song on here is a tribute to artists that have influenced us and made our lives better in some way. We wanted to take each vocal and tease out something unexpected from it, re-contextualizing hardcore rap with beautiful and carefree melodies. Taking something that a lot of people dismiss and sharing the ways in which we believe it to be transformative and sublime.

Andrew: Since early this year we had started experimenting more with garage styles and deeper vibes…We definitely use alot of swooshy white noise in our tracks. My favorite tracks to do on this release were “My Posse on Broadway” and “Sipping on That Sizzurp”. The Mix A Lot track is one of Seattle’s biggest anthems ever and I feel like we updated it nicely with a bit of a dubstep and electronic vibe. That one really only took us a few hours because we were feeling it so much. “Sipping on That Sizzurp” is the longest track I’ve ever written at about 7:30 minutes! It’s so many styles in one – and I had some melodic breakthroughs with counterpoint in it. When I had finished the composing my part of that track I felt like I wanted to write more songs immediately. That’s not always the case when I usually put something to bed.

June 26 / Seattle Gay Pride Festival: Capitol Hil / 6:30PM

July 16 / Transformus: Deer Fields, NC / *Southeast regional burning man event

Aug 30 / Burning Man: Black Rock City, Nevada

Sep 23 / Decibal Festival / *Should be grand! Looking forward to the Planet Mu Label Showcase

.//. DJ Phantom