This. Is a massive post. Like, big big big big big big things happening.

This blog/DJ will always have a soft spot for Amsterdam. Native party-starters GirlsLoveDJ’s are here!

Andras Caron vs UB40 – Where Did I Go Wrong by GirlsLoveDJs


1. How would you describe the electronic/club scene in Amsterdam?

Even though Amsterdam isn’t a big city compared to other capitals, the scene is very large and varied, with a 1001 parties going on everywhere in a lot of different styles. New clubs are popping up everywhere and new events come and go monthly. But things are pretty rough for most promoters, people don’t go out to clubs as much they used to and the Amsterdam club scene is spoiled rotten, name any big DJ and they play here on a regular basis. People expect more than just a DJ, they want an experience, and preferably be on the guest list and get in for free. We are one of the few constant factors in the city, doing the GirlsLoveDJs party for over 7 years now. Besides the GirlsLoveDJs party we do SEEN Visual Music, a concept party created around a DVDJ-crew. They mix the music and matching music videos simultaneously. Another party we do is The DirtydirtyDirty, Holland’s only HipHop party on Crack.

Illuminati – Ax Somebody by GirlsLoveDJs

******* **************** Felix Da Housecat! Holy Shit! ***************

2. GirlsLoveDJ’s represents many different things-what are some of the ideas and goals you pursue with this organization?

Well it all started with a little party for friends, and hosting bad ass events is still our core business. We expanded from there and started up GirlsLoveDJs Clothing, originally the shirts we made with our logo on it where just a present for the DJs that played at our parties. Then people started asking us about the shirts where they could buy them, we jumped on it and started selling them. It grew into a well known brand here in Holland and is starting to spread worldwide. We also have the GirlsLoveDJs Record label which we started after DJs from our DJ agency, Thriller Agency, who needed a place to release their records. The goal behind all of the branches is world domination of course. The idea on everything we do, the most important thing is we really like the party/song/dj/design. If we don’t like it we won’t do it, if it would give us world domination though, we’d give another thought, haha.

(Remember these guys? Look back a few months in my blog archives for the full post on The Century, one of my favorites so far)
The Century – Heartbreak by GirlsLoveDJs

3. Currently, who are some of your favorite artists?

All the guys on our label off course, Quinten 909, Rubix, Andras Caron. Outside our label we really like Surkin, Laidback Luke, Boys Noize, Diplo, Tom Trago, B.R.U.C.E., Azari and III, Armand van Helden, Deadmau5. We’ve got a pretty wide taste, from Electro to French Filter House and Disco to Techno and Tech-House. It’s all good!

4. Any big releases or shows in your area coming up?

We just released the Quinten 909 – Closer to Me E.P. on Beatport, Traxsource and I-tunes. The Andras Caron – Classic Introduction E.P. preview can be checked on our Soundcloud page and should hit all the online record shops anytime now. For future releases we’ve got Estaw & Elroy Vanderley coming with a single, more Rubix and the Quinten 909 album is scheduled for this fall. As for the party’s we’re going abroad this summer, we just got back from Stockholm and we’ve got GirlsLoveDJs editions planned in Bali (Indonesia), France, Curacao, Miami and L.A. Besides that we’re touring all the Dutch clubs after the summer and we’re doing some festival stages over here. Oh and there will be a new clothing collection for this fall/winter.

I’ve got an exclusive free download from Andras Caron’s new EP. I’ve listened to the whole bunch, and this one got me real excited..

Andras Caron, Welcome To The Future

+++ In addition to these mega songs, here’s a link to some podcasts from GirlsLoveDJ’s available for free download! go get em people!

Go, make friends with GirlsLoveDJ’s..

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