Madshroom is a mighty underground force for the NW Hip-Hop community. I’m happy to bring him out to my buddies..give him and his Black Magic Illuminati crew a good listen

Artist: Madshroom | Song: Peace Of Mind by Disco Droppings

Artist: Madshroom | Song: Waltz Of The Warrior by Disco Droppings


1. So I’m not very Hip-Hop savvy, how would describe what you and your buddies are trying to do with your music?

Well me and Black Magic Noize make Trip Rock Hip Hop, The Main objective is to aware people what is going on in the world and having fun by our own means. Not letting corporate gain compromise our integrity. In the end it’s all about BEING YOURSELF!!!!

2. Your latest release sounds very open, holding a smooth old school mentality while also embracing newer electronic tones, what went into developing this style?

I’m completely enamored with the 90’s hip hop the “Golden age” That was a heavy influence growing up so my music is an ode to that raw rugged sound that was popular around then, but at the same time that has been done already so I don’t want to replicate anybodies sound you know keep it old school and up to date with my own stank on it haha.

3. Tell me a bit about some of the MC’s featured in “Black Lagoon Kronikals Vol.2”.

Well I didn’t have too many features on my album MC wise besides my crew Black Magic Illuminati Which consists of Araless Dj CornDogg and lSG those are the people I started Black Magic with 3 years ago. But then I had my dad Big Stripe with his crazy self holding it down haha a major influence growing up. Kendra Kitty Kat Carson is Araless girl friend rapping for the first time she is a beast on a ukulele and a dope inspiring Mc and then the latest addition to the crew my man Moshae super goon on production and engineering. I just had the BMN crew on the lp since it was my first release with Black Magic Noize as an official record label it just seemed like the right thing to do.

4. Hip- Hop is interesting me more and more, I guess I just needed to find the parts that connected with me has Hip-Hop impacted your life? Have you always wanted to be an MC?

Well when I was about 8 I found the album my dad did before I was born with this group the Compton Conspiracy. He told me he was a Mc and at that point I wanted to be just like pops. We used to roll around running errands and hitting up toy stores and record stores bumping this grocery bag full of cassette tapes and him telling me to freestyle randomly to test my skills haha. It was kind of inevitable. Now it is like the center of my existence every time I try to do something new or different musically and artistically unfortunately they don’t compare….

5. Kevin I must say, your voice is so distinct – it’s great to listen to..

Thank you much. At one point I hated my voice because it was so deep. Deeper than my choir teachers and I didn’t get a chance to sing that much and it discouraged me a lot. But now I embrace it as one of the things that make me and my style unique.

6. Any words you want to add to this?

I would just like to thank you along with all the people that made Black Magic Noize and Trip Rock what it is today. Without the aid of other artists and their unique style and way of creative expression MadShroom would cease to exist and I would be another mindless drone to the metronome of society my goal is to help people in the way they have helped me in finding myself personally and Musically. thank you 1love