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He has had quite the influence on me..anyone attending this sold-out show, try and find me…I’ll be the guy screaming like a star-crazed 14 yr. old grll

All the best to Joel, really gives it everything he’s got – and somehow this mau5 keeps upping the musical and technological bar.

See you on the dancefloor bitches! haha’s the excitement



mmm this one’s a goodie. Hailing from Italy, PLAY/STOP bursts onto my blog with those oh so nice house soundz..


1. I’m very happy PLAY/STOP is on this blog-welcome! These songs fit snugly between some old school house grooves, and the much more gritty, battery-acid like distorted sounds of more current electronic dance has this sound developed?

P(Paolo):Thanks for the space you are giving us Trevor. I think our main aim is to have a musical impact on the listener. I believe that to achieve this impact, the songs should be simple and the old school house grooves are perfect for that. The use of distorted and sequenced synth comes for sure by the modern electro/house (French mostly) scene. I love the way this kind of synth lines get stuck in your head. Another key element of our music is for sure the use of sidechain compression, which is a technique used a lot by artists like Daft Punk.

S(Simo): For me the sound of these tracks derives from the sensation of the moment. Paolo, the mind, was in a particular mood :the new experience in eletronic music (we’d never done house music before) and old inspiration (80’s house music) came together in PLAY/STOP.

Artist: PLAY/STOP | Song: All in your eyes by Disco Droppings

2. “All In Your Eyes” especially grabs me, it’s got those synth “Show Me Love”..what non-musical inspirations do you pull from when it comes to songs like this? How long did it take for you to feel confident in bringing these emotive sounds out in PLAY/STOP music?

P: I am glad you like the song. Well I never listened to “Show me love” before and I admit, those are the synth stabs you mentioned. I think they are wildly use in dance music because of their rich and fat sound. The non-musical inspiration is very instictive, based on our surroundings and daily lives. I don’t think I can manage to describe it and still make sense. Sometimes songs come out very aggressive and harsh, sometimes they are very melodic. I really wish I could write songs that unite power and melody as some masters like Daft Punk or Royksopp manage to do, but I think it will take time and experience to reach those levels.

Artist: PLAY/STOP | Song: Anonymous Letter by Disco Droppings

3. What’s the electronic community like in Italy?

P: Well, there are very famous artists like Crookers and Bloody Betroots for sure. You may like them or not, but you have to admit they had an impact. Then, there is Benny Benassi, awesome producer. I think many of hardest house and electro producers(us included) owe a lot to him, and songs like “Satisfaction” a big “thank you”. For the rest I don’t really know, there some exciting events, but I don’t see that willingness to create something new.

S: In Italy there are a lot of interesting producers and labels doing electronic music. I think the electronic music scene is much more active than the “acoustic” one. This happens thanks to the club scene that helps electronic producer and DJ’s start up compared to bands.

Artist: PLAY/STOP | Song: Suarez-suarez-suarez! by Disco Droppings

4. How were you first introduced to electronic music?

P: My brother has a lot of electronic vinyls. One day he put on a Vitalic single and I loved it. The passion for the production of electronic music came years later, when I left my band because I moved to another country. I started with an electro oriented project and finally this summer I started with Simone, the PLAY/STOP project.

S: My first electronic experience was in a club here in Turin with a Techno/Hardcore DJ, Tatanka. My first work in electronic music has been made with a cheap software of samples and a minimal sequencer (Dance DJ and MagiX music studio). Now I use Reason and , thanks to Paolo, Ableton Live.

5. What DJ’s/Producers etc. are really getting you excited?

P: There are so many nice producers out there… The whole Ed Banger label offers excellent stuff, then Vitalic, Dj Hell, Benassi, Deadmau5, Lifelike, Bag Raiders, Joe and Will Ask?…. I can go on and on.

S: Boyz Noise, Tiga, Joe & will ask, Squarepusher, Daft Punk, Sebastien Tellier, Mr. Oizo

6. Advice for the young electronic artists reading this?

P: Just produce the music you like, don’t follow the fashion of the moment, because the most important thing in music is personality. People have to recognize your songs between tons of other tracks. On the technical side, just compare some top level produced song with yours and see what you can improve on: computers are a really powerful tool to achieve professional results.

S: We are young artists 🙂

Keep it on PLAY,


Madshroom is a mighty underground force for the NW Hip-Hop community. I’m happy to bring him out to my buddies..give him and his Black Magic Illuminati crew a good listen

Artist: Madshroom | Song: Peace Of Mind by Disco Droppings

Artist: Madshroom | Song: Waltz Of The Warrior by Disco Droppings


1. So I’m not very Hip-Hop savvy, how would describe what you and your buddies are trying to do with your music?

Well me and Black Magic Noize make Trip Rock Hip Hop, The Main objective is to aware people what is going on in the world and having fun by our own means. Not letting corporate gain compromise our integrity. In the end it’s all about BEING YOURSELF!!!!

2. Your latest release sounds very open, holding a smooth old school mentality while also embracing newer electronic tones, what went into developing this style?

I’m completely enamored with the 90’s hip hop the “Golden age” That was a heavy influence growing up so my music is an ode to that raw rugged sound that was popular around then, but at the same time that has been done already so I don’t want to replicate anybodies sound you know keep it old school and up to date with my own stank on it haha.

3. Tell me a bit about some of the MC’s featured in “Black Lagoon Kronikals Vol.2”.

Well I didn’t have too many features on my album MC wise besides my crew Black Magic Illuminati Which consists of Araless Dj CornDogg and lSG those are the people I started Black Magic with 3 years ago. But then I had my dad Big Stripe with his crazy self holding it down haha a major influence growing up. Kendra Kitty Kat Carson is Araless girl friend rapping for the first time she is a beast on a ukulele and a dope inspiring Mc and then the latest addition to the crew my man Moshae super goon on production and engineering. I just had the BMN crew on the lp since it was my first release with Black Magic Noize as an official record label it just seemed like the right thing to do.

4. Hip- Hop is interesting me more and more, I guess I just needed to find the parts that connected with me has Hip-Hop impacted your life? Have you always wanted to be an MC?

Well when I was about 8 I found the album my dad did before I was born with this group the Compton Conspiracy. He told me he was a Mc and at that point I wanted to be just like pops. We used to roll around running errands and hitting up toy stores and record stores bumping this grocery bag full of cassette tapes and him telling me to freestyle randomly to test my skills haha. It was kind of inevitable. Now it is like the center of my existence every time I try to do something new or different musically and artistically unfortunately they don’t compare….

5. Kevin I must say, your voice is so distinct – it’s great to listen to..

Thank you much. At one point I hated my voice because it was so deep. Deeper than my choir teachers and I didn’t get a chance to sing that much and it discouraged me a lot. But now I embrace it as one of the things that make me and my style unique.

6. Any words you want to add to this?

I would just like to thank you along with all the people that made Black Magic Noize and Trip Rock what it is today. Without the aid of other artists and their unique style and way of creative expression MadShroom would cease to exist and I would be another mindless drone to the metronome of society my goal is to help people in the way they have helped me in finding myself personally and Musically. thank you 1love


Pick this Up!

Seattle’s Splatinum put their spin on this creepy song..

Here’s their new video blog as well! Interview with Ill Gates (love this name!) he’s a smooth guy

PLUS! his re-workings of Cee Lo Green’s anti-love anthem “Fuck You” – dude is steamin’ hot!

Fuck You – Cee Lo Green (Slappin’ Plastic Remix) by SLAPPIN-PLASTIC

oh mannnnnnnnnn…



Took over db in the park. Fantastic, wonderful, magical set – coming from one of the brightest personalities in the worldwide electronic community.

Mary Anne Hobbs has massively contributed to the music world as a music journalist, taste-maker, and DJ – most notably with her radio show for BBC Radio 1, which just ended after 14 years.

Her she is – shaking up Seattle Center.

You go girl.