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DD: You guys are from France, awwww jealoussss. How do you like the music scene in France?

G: There is definitely a strong connection between electroni c and pop culture in France. It seems to be an historic thing, for at least  fifty years, french electronic artists  have produced dance music influenced by sound research and pop.  Now, it’s a  kind of a collective spirit, the number of electro acts is massive. The evolution of the french techno sound into distortion over the last five years is quite interesting.
DD: Your songs are very clear and fun, has your production style always sounded like this?

C: Back in the day, our sound was more harsh and minimal, the project was based on Laptops’ jamming, but we were also using some pop elements . That’s why we always been a part of the electronic scene. A strange mix between dance and noise. Nowadays, our music sounds more accessible, but it’s hard to say if we do straight electro-pop music. Anyway, people often say that our sound is easily recognizable.
DD: What’s the best show you’ve been in the past 6 months?

C: We saw LCD soundsystem  for the first time a few months ago in Berlin at the very beginning of their tour.  The venue was not that big so you could see and listen to the band properly. It’s was great to dance and watch all the interactions between live instruments and analog electronics. Impressive!
DD: Have you been over to the USA yet for shows?

G: Yes we’ve toured several times in the USA… the biggest tour was 35 gigs in 6 weeks. We obviously played in the big cities as well as very tiny ones… Touring in the USA is really like being on a road trip movie. C: We met wonderful peeps and we discovered the real meaning of the word “fan”. People who love your music won’t hesitate to fly 3000 miles to see you twice. Amazing !! I can’t wait to come back !!
DD: Best encouragement you’ve gotten as an artist?

C: To have support from musicians that we like.
Don’t stop!