First things first, Sphyramid has just sent me a new track of his – get it for free! I’m feeling it!

Sphyramid, Steppa Chipz

If all ya’ll don’t know, I manage an electronic label called 7 Deadly Records. Sphyramid is on this label, and he’s got some songs up on youtube. I asked him to talk to the world about each of these..

(Stereoglyphics) I was going for a dark mysterious organic hip hop kind of thing..sample cred to the amazing band, YES.

* Photo by Joe Dyer

(Gohma) For a while I was into this slightly sped up grime beat that I haven’t been able to get back in the groove of. This was me when I was in it and decided to make something chiptune-esque.

(Greenwashing) This is an interesting track one of my first that I ever recorded in more than one take. I ran it through my kaoss pad twice for extra effects. The beat is super weird and I don’t think I can make anything like it ever again.

(Music Sounds Better With You / Sphyramid Remix) This is something in between a remix and a cover. I have always like the idea of combining breakbeat & dubstep elements with disco and house and would love to do more stuff like this.

DD: How do you feel you’ve grown artistically since these earlier songs,compared to “NAUGHTYNAUGHTY” and some of the new tracks people are yet to hear officially released?

SPHYR: I have become more aware of dance floor dynamics and music history. Basically, I have been minimizing and deepening the sound. attempting to create something more emotional and timeless.

DD: What would your dream show be?

SPHYR: Me, Burial, Tipper, Untold, Ebola, Venetian Snares & Aphex Twin would play in some sort of awesome tree-house in the forest somewhere with Chris Cunningham doing live visuals and Alex Pardee doing live painting as well as dancing from Turf Feinz and the Les Twins. Oh yah, and a bar/ hookah lounge is involved somehow.

7 Deadly Records Facebook:

P.S.! If you wanna catch Sphyramid live, he’ll be performing at the Cobra Lounge on Feb. 19 alongside Data Junkies, myself and DJ Dorsia. Here’s the facebook event:

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