A very special pairing of blog posts. This is the original track that I recently remixed. Null.dll has some of the most distinct and stark sounds on 7 Deadly Records.



DD: How would you describe the mood/environment of “Certainty” and “Aftermath”?

NULL: Certainty and Aftermath remind me of the credits of an anime or video game–it wasn’t my intention for them to have that sort of vibe; both of them were created from a need to expand my sound and incorporate melodies into my songs, so I find it hard to answer that question.

DD: What do you hope to accomplish this year with your music as null.dll? How do you hope 7 Deadly Records can assist?

NULL: I hope to lengthen my songs and cement them in their selves, so that they stand separate, along with adding a more “organic” feeling. Setting 7deadl(y)ines will definitely help me get my music finished and working with other artists from the label is extremely exciting!



– jimijaxon!