Super terrific sounds coming from this guy, please download “Black Moon” and get to know Seazo in the interview below..



DD: A buddy of mine is in Norway right now, what’s it like over there?

S: It’s madness over here. Norway is hosting the world championship for Ski this year, people are going all crazy with cowbells and horns, cheering on everything, and especially who is fastest in the world running on snow with planks on their feet. We also have trees, cats, dogs, buildings and some nice mountains up north. =)

DD: That all sounds so good. What got you interested in producing?

S: When I was a kid, I got a mini Casio keyboard from my grandparents. That’s how I started to learn how to make melodies and play on tangents. I have never learned how to read notes though. The first time I was introduced to a music program, was when I saw e-Jay. It was instantly caught my attention, and I couldn’t stop playing around with it. But I couldn’t stop wondering, how were the tunes in e-Jay made? Then, some years later, I saw FL Studio for the first time, and a great new world was opened for me. As I grew as an artist, I started to play around with other DAW’s and finally landed on Cubase. I have always loved to be creative. It’s like a drug, which makes time and worries disappear in the dark.

DD: It is very therapeutic. How’s 2011 been going for you so far, musically?

S: Indeed. 2011 so far, has been full of inspiration, and I’ve got a lot of positive feedback and attention on my music lately. It feels really great and uplifting, I have never experienced people have very much interest in my productions before, especially because of the underground theme. Big ups to soundcloud for such a great community, helping me share and discover so many great tunes all over the world, and of course, big ups for this blog also. =)


DD: Awwww. What artists have been inspiring you a lot lately?

S: Lately I’ve listened to a lot of Amon Tobin, Aoki Takamasa, Baths, Boards Of Canada, Chris Clark, Commix, Tipper, Eskmo, Tomas Dvorak, Mount Kimbie, and Off The Sky. Here’s some examples of some of the tracks that have given the most inspiration lately:


DD: What do love most about electronic music? what’s been the most influential moment for you with the very diverse genre?

S: I love electronic music, because it has the ability to create the most complex, advanced and interesting sounds, textures, beats and moods, because of it’s vast tool set and technology. Some people believe it’s easier to make music on computers. I’m sorry for their lack of knowledge. I see music as a tool to get in a certain mood. I mostly like the calm, melancholic adventurous mood I get from IDM, Glitch, Ambient etc., instead of the “Imma cool n populah gangsta” mood most people seem to prefer. It doesn’t mean that I don’t like any other kind of music though. House and Liquid Funk/ Atmospheric DnB is great to listen to when I’m at work =) I have always loved electronic music, and was most into Trance when I was younger. The first time I fell in love with typical chillout electronic music, was when I was introduced to Royksopp’s first album: “Melody AM”, and that’s when I really started to experiment with wicked sound design.

DD: Awww “Melody AM” is very nice. Where do you see your music going from here?

S: Well that’s a hard question. My productions are always driven by inspiration. How can I predict how my inspiration will look like in the future? I have focused a lot on melodies and braindancing droids and sfx’s the last years, and I kind of got where I wanted with that. So I’ve been playing a lot with beats lately, and I’m getting more and more aware of how I want them, so I guess my work will be more characterized with semi-massive beats from here. I find it a bit hard to figure out how I want to merge the droids and sfx with the beats, so you will probably find some experimental elements there. I also want to try out different live recording methods in the future, and try to make some wicked sounds out of that.

DD: What have you always wanted someone to ask you?

S: I’ve never thought about that before, but I usually prefer the non-typical questions. Questions have tendencies to become allot more interesting when the asker dears to step out of the typical social patterns. I like to ask controversial questions myself, it’s just too bad so many people get scared of them =) Except for that, I would be happy if someone asked if I would like to have their $1 million left overs…Anyone?

DD: What’s the most distinct memory you have, that’s connected to a song of yours being created?

S: That must be back in the days when I was young and producing trance. The first time I met my mate, Joel Kolltveit on a party (who is producing Dubstep today,) we desided to hook up, and try to produce something together. I remember I took the bus in to the city to meet a person I only had met once before. It went quite well, and we made a track named Acid Waves. Typical hardtrance with epic riff’s and huge takeoffs. Haha, funny times. Today we are sharing an apartment in Oslo, producing music in every corner of the apartment.

DD: Awww that is a great connection you two have. Any last words for all the readers?

S: First of all, thank you for the promotion, I appreciate that. I would also like to hand over some big ups to everyone who have given me support and feedback. I love the thought that some people out there are enjoying my  productions. Greetings from earth!