Starting off the weekend with Moon Bounce. He has kindly offered his new song “Whipped” to all of you. Please download and enjoy!




DD: These are some spaced out beats. How are things in Philly?

MB: Thanks dude, I try to keep it intergalactic. Philly is great, although I’m spending some in NY right now. I’m an actor as well, trying to get that happening.

DD: An actor, damn! Work that shit. Been to any good shows in NY?

MB: Quite recently I saw “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson”, a sort of emo punk satire outlining Andrew Jackson’s presidency. It fucking rocked. It closed recently, such a shame.

DD: Do you feel patriotic being from Philly?

MB: I’m originally from Long Island, NY, so I can’t claim any Philadelphian patriotism. I don’t think I would anyway, haha. Also, don’t go to Long Island. It’s a culturally barren wasteland.

DD: Is there a group of artists in your area you enjoy playing shows/collaborating with?

MB: Well I play piano and sing in this band called Galaxies ( and Kyle, the drummer/violinist, makes music under “there is a mountain” ( They both make great fuckin’ tunes!

DD: Where would you like to see your style go from here?

MB: I’m releasing an EP this month that kinda serves as a sampler for me. I got to try out a lot of different/new things. A sound I began experimenting with, but didn’t make it to the EP, is R&B. I’d love to explore that further in the future.

DD: What artists in the R&B genre do you like a lot? When I was younger I heard Aaliyah, Destiny’s Child and stuff. Like them a lot.

MB: I LOVE Destiny’s Child (“The Writing’s on the Wall” era) as well as some R. Kelly, Erykah Badu, early Justin Timberlake, and specifically the song “No Diggity” by Blackstreet. I’d love to make an entire tribute album to that song, haha. I’ve also been obsessed with Janelle Monoe this year, she is magic.


DD: If you could have a lasting impact on the world with your music, what would you want it to be?

MB: I’m not picky, any lasting impression would be totally sweet.

DD: You’re very humble, nice. Your “Supersonic” song really grabbed onto me, I’m excited to put it in a upcoming Disco Droppings DJ mix. What was the process like making this song? What’s been you’re favorite song to produce so far?

MB: I think you mean “Hypersonic”, haha. I’m glad you dig it! I wrote the progression on piano originally, transferred it to a synthesizer, then recorded a bunch of samples. I conceptually saw the song as a shuttle launch during the end of the world, somehow that made sense to me. My favorite song to produce so far is either “Jealousy March”, “Whipped”, or “First of All and in Conclusion”. All those tracks will be on my upcoming EP/LP (not sure yet). I’ll keep you posted!


DD: haha sorry out of it! Any last words?

MB: No worries! uh.. just dropped a new track with a video by Jorge Haro (Whipped). ❤

happy weekend adventure time,