Benson! So sexy. Download his skrilly bootleg, go around around and have some adventure times for 420! 
DD: What’s goin on Benson!? Happy we have hooked up again. What are you doing right at this exact very moment?

B: Disco Droppings! glad we meet once again! it’s been to long, it’s been a busy 12 months since we last really spoke, plenty of new tunes and a city relocation has kept me on my toes, at this very moment I’ve got alot going on…my debut EP titled “The Adventure” will be out over the coming months through Tom Piper & Dan Farleys record label “Bakehaus”, which im very pumped about. just finished a new remix for “Vicious Bitch” records…which came out last week, the tunes called “Compadre – Golden Trumpet” there is a remix from myself and also Douster! and plenty more other remixes aswell, also just remixed T-rek’s new single “TITS” which will be out later this month through Ministry Of Sound, and also just finished a remix of “Ditto’s” tune “Alot Of Magic” which will be out on “Bakehaus” Rec’s very soon!

DD: That Skrillex bootleg is slick! You keep sounding better and better. What was your process like for making that remix? Is this your fave Skrillex song?

B: Firstly thanks! glad you like it, i don’t really make to many “Harder” sounding tunes like this one, but OI thought “Hey, why not?” Skrillex is on fire at the moment, and i really enjoyed the original so i gave it a crack and it payed off! Plus everyone likes free bootlegs!

DD: How have your shows been going lately? Any fun ones in the works for summer?

Well our summer just ended! but I had a blast, I moved city’s over summer from Sydney to Melbourne (around 600 miles apart) and played a bunch of club nights when I first moved, but have been taking a step back to concentrate on production.

DD: Where will the Benson style go from here?

Who knows!! i think when you listen to some of my tracks i have my own signature on them, lets just hope it stays that way, I’m making a lot of tech-house these days but doing a dubstep project on the side under another alias!

DD: Any last words?

Thanks to all the people from this blog, writers, readers & fans of my work! enjoy these tunes! hopefully be over there soon! much love Benson.
– jimijaxon