DD: Hello hello Kontakt! How would you describe what you’re doing with Kontakt Recordings? You have a huuuuuuuge amount of tracks on that soundcloud of yours..

KR: Hey guy (s) /girl (hopefully attractive). Kontakt Recordings is a promotional label spreading the good quality European and “West Coast” electro to the rest of the country where it has not yet touched down. We are also bringing back a lot of old skool rave and breakbeat influences in as the next evolution in the fidget/electro sound. Down with the amen break! We are in contact with many of the producers that are featured in our mashup tracks and hope to get them the East Coast / USA representation they deserve through our free mashup releases and monthly podcast. Personally, I’m working on my first new album release in 4 years…time to stop djing for a bit and go back to producing, where I came from. Yep that’s what we’re doing!

DD: What’s been your favorite song to remix/mashup?

KR: When I’m playing live, my favorite song to mashup is N-Joi’s “Anthem”. As far as the remixes go, it’s a tie btween the new Hyper Go-Go “Never Let Go” remix and my David Guetta “Delirious” remix from last year. I love bringing back the classic anthems, but that Guetta remix really takes the cheese and gives it groove.


DD: How many artists are connected with Kontakt Recordings?

KR: We have about 8 producers and 11 DJ’s right now under affiliation, in NYC, Philly, DC, Orlando, and LA.

DD: Whoaaaa, very nice. How would you like to see Kontakt Recordings develop as time goes on?

KR: I’d love see us doing some international events more than just gigging. Kontakt has sponsored some great events on this side of the ocean, the other side would be a great thing for us. It would also be great to go back to our experimental / techno roots and explore the darker side of EDM. We’re in contact with two German labels now to get both of those things started *high five*.

DD: What’s been the strongest show you guys have put together? What stood out about it?

KR: Orb Festival 2009 was the best event hands down so far. We worked together with a team of great people and artists, had a real international line up (20+ international acts), and the festival looked out of this world. Many of the people we worked with on that are still our best connections in the industry. When you are camping for 4 days with people, you make great friends! it was very inspiring for all of us.

DD: Any final words for all the lovely blog readers?

KR: A great philosopher once wrote, “Naughty naughty very naughty”…It’s been great talking to you guys, and a message to all you dancers out there on the floor: The music will set you free!

– jimijaxon