I gots to share this friends new release..go get your graham crackers 



DD: Mr.Vaughnilla, welcome to Disco Droppings. How are you feeling?

V: I am great and glad to be part of Disco Droppings.

DD: I am too! So tell the readers a bit about your music..what’s been happening with Vaughnilla lately?

V: My music has been goin great. About 3 months ago I released an album with madshroom mc called “Junky Funk the Funky Junk.” I was really excited about this release because this was the first project that I did all of the production for.


We have already planned for a follow up album but the release date is tentative. We decided that it would be best to set the release date when were completely finished with the album, it would be way to much stress if we did it the same way again. Another project that is almost completed is hip hop colossus. This is going to be a split album of jazzy fire that I have been workin on with my friend Gabre Meden.

As far as  I know, Pacoe The Illiterate, Matt Gamin and Madshroom are going to be MCing a song each and the rest will be instrumentals. I’m glad that I have gotten a chance to work with Gabre, he’s a great guy and an amazing musician. I also have two songs on a Lurk Music release entitled “petting zoo.” I was super excited to get to work with Matt Gamin, he’s an amazing lyricist and I have always admired all of his work that he has done since i heard a Wizdumb song “cuttys and sharks” that he did with Matt. We also have an E.P. planned that is going to have some great work on it, what I feel to be some of the best tracks that I have made so far. Please please check out Lurk Music they have a great line up of musicians on it and I am sure that you will get inspired by at least one musician off of that label. Recently I became a part a band called “Last Tribe of Earth.” consisting of Madshroom on the keys, Araless on the vocals and guitar, Mothone on the drums and vocals, DJ Corndog on the bass, and myself on the guitar. If you live in western washington then you should come out to some shows that I’ll be at. You can find more info at blackmagicnoize.com.

DD: Busy, busy man..I’m glad to hear it. What do you appreciate most about hip-hop music? How about the more electronic sounds? 

V: what I truly like the most about hip hop music, music in general, is the people that i meet and the friendships that i develop. I also really enjoy the idea of perserving and the process of utilizing the music of the past. I love collecting records and listening to the music of another era, especially jazz. i feel that jazz has had the most impact on my musical experience so far. and I just have to say that i got the soul in my music from growing up listening peoples like barry white, al green, marvin, and earth wind and fire. I like all types of genres in music and i feel that all music can effect you in a positive way.

as for electronic sounds, i can’t get enough of it. i love what people can do with a synth and a 2 step beat or boom bap. I’ve been encorperating synths in my music as of lately and i have been able to break barriers and be able to produce songs that i couldn’t of imagined three months ago. I still like to encorperate samples in my music just because i love the way vinyl makes my music sound. i feel that this is where my music is heading in the future.

(just check out sashemi or transcend on my youtube page for an example. vaughnillaify is my channel name)


DD: What to you is the most important aspect of being an artist?   

V: i feel that the most important aspect  of an artist is the ability to grow and develop styles so they can have a personal identity and expand there knowledge to become the best musician that they can possibly be. All artists should experiment in someway with there music, for instance, a new scale, progression, noise, instrument, a different type of way they can rearrange a sample, use multiple samples, or  they use a different type of effect. These are just a couple a ways to experiment but it is necessary for you to do this because you might be coming up with something fresh. Don’t get caught up in worrying to much about what people think your music is like. Just make sure that you can like your music enough to be able to listen to it day in and day out. I am my worst critic and im hard on myself at times but it works out for me and im able to grow and advance my skills for the better. i know that this may sound conceded but I TRULEY LOVE MY MUSIC and I love what i can create. i wouldn’t have been able to get to that point if it wasn’t for wizdumb showing me how to use the sp 4O4.

DD: mm Wizdumb, he was recently on this blog..what’s your guys’ relationship like? 

V: we have a good relationship, we chill, drink beer, listen to records, eat memos, and other kinds of things. I think that he’s a great guy!

DD: mmm le friendship. What’s been your favoritist song to produce so far?

V: hmm.. it would have to be a 8bit song that i made out of the gameboy game jamz.

DD: What do you think of the name “livemau5”, for the pikachu i just got, in the veridian forest? 

V: hahahah that names pretty cool but i think that vaughnzilla would suit a pikachu. how is the new pokemon?

DD: Well I’m playing the old leaf green. But just watching my friend play pokemon black is nutzo.

V: I saw a kid playing the white version at my work and it does look amazing. im so jealous of what little kids get to play with now and days. I remember back in the day gameboy color was the shit. I use to play pokemon yellow and battle all my friends at school, those where some good times.

DD: If you could be any pokemon, which would you be?

V: hmmmm.. i would defaintly be dragonite. what about you?

DD: I’ve embraced the new pokemon and taken a liking to Axew, he’s super cute and evolves later into a BA poke’. 

V: I remember when gold and silver started to come out. thats when i started to not play pokemon anymore and switch to games ps1 games then eventually to ps2.

DD: ahh le switchover, well any last words for the readers? Hopefully you and I can work on a little collaboration soon!


V: hosanna and thanks for taking the time to read this interview. ohhh yea i would defaintly be down to work on a collabortation with you in the future. also thanks for interviewing me!

Vaughnilla on Soundcloud 

– jimijaxon