Welcome to the world of Stereoheroes, hailing from France..



DD: You’ve got a lot of energy! what keeps you pumped up?  

When you arrive on stage, kids are partying, they want to dance, you just give them everything you got inside you ! Seeing them happy makes us want to continue.


DD: Clean looking website, nice. How long have you been producing as Stereoheroes?  

We started early 2008.

DD: What’s a Stereoheroes party usually look like? 

Two crazy dudes jumping on stage, playing whatever they feel like playing from house to drum and bass, just about everything. Lot of vodka, drunk audience, big communion in the power of electronic dance music.


DD: What’s helped your production process stay fresh and innovative? 

We don’t listen to a lot of music and so we don’t get too much inspiration. Basically I think we just do what we feel like doing when we wake up in the morning. Sometimes it will be electro-rock, sometimes Hip-Hop. We love a lot of different styles and we just can’t do the same track again and again.

DD: What’s the most important thing to hang onto as an artist?  

Do your own thing, don’t try to sound like someone else. Keep your head fresh.

DD: Any plans to make it up to Seattle? 

Damn ! Would love to, we just saw the airport last time. Hopefully for the next tour.



– Jimi Jaxon