Had to add in this wonderful video for “Life’s A Melody”. Original videos by Noar Aloni, Marcus O’Brien, I Am Los Angeles & Camille Marotte.


DD: So, whatchadoin son?  

K: Nothin’ much mate, just doing all sorts.. =P Body clock is all over the place aha.

DD: Like you sleep weird different hours all the time? 

K: Aha Pretty much.. I sleep when I can, I just juggle between producing and my job. I’ve been pretty busy this year regarding production tho.. & this summer, there’s alot I’m offering. Got an upcoming/debut album release on “Cold Busted” & a few tracks for a new french label “Introfunktion Records”. I’m also chucking out a French House EP.. just a shitload of tracks I didn’t wanna leave on my harddrive.. believe me, there’s a fair bit mate.

DD: Very nice! What’s a dream music project you’d enjoy seeing manifested? 

K: Ah.. that’s tough. I guess I’ve always visioned eventually working with someone.. forming a duo of some sorts like Justice or LBCK, it’s something on my “to do” list. =P I think in the future I’d wanna stray away from sampling, put my guitar skills to good use.. but it’s too fun at the moment. What I enjoy seeing is comments like “Aghh, whats the sample?” that’s what makes the mystery even more sweeter.. till they find out aha!

DD: who are some artists you plan on sampling in the future? 

K: I honestly have no idea.. whatever I lay my hands on & like, gets flipped. For a while I was following a pattern of reversing shit.. “Life’s A Melody” & “One Day” being prime examples. I sorta wanna get myself involved more in remixing.. any artist, be it hip hop or house.

DD: Last words for all the lovely readers? 

K:”If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life..”  Take it easy I guess & Thanks!

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– Jimi Jaxon