Just Listen..


DD: How’s your day going so far? 

So far my day is going pretty great. Coffee, toast, and email checking. That’s my ‘every morning’. Today is special because I’m starting an internship as an editor. I’m a weird one because I really do enjoy meticulous geekery sort of work that no one else wants to do… like tweaking midi to no end. I lose myself in it, so.. I like it. I tend to get jobs off and on, but I’m hoping this one will become more long term. Music dreams aside, there’s no money in it for someone as small and independent as me, so I have to fuel my hobby somehow! For the past 11 years, I admit, I was trying to make it a career, and it’s not to say that that can’t still happen, but realistically, even great, well-known artists, are struggling to make ends meet. Everyone wants something for free right? People want their music for free just like I wanted a free ride in the music industry… it just doesn’t add up to a functioning organism. So, yeah, my day is great. I’m feeling very liberated. lol.

DD: Wonderful. What sounds first made you think, “I need to become a producer!”? 

LOL! None. Production came out of the necessity to release my own material. Producers generally aren’t mind readers so I found I had to do it myself to get it done right. I really just do it to get the attention of better producers so they can be like, “oh yeah, NOW I see where you’re coming from.” But in general… when I hear a good melody line, my brain starts racing. That’s all it takes.



DD: Which melodies currently have your mind RACING?

Well… one can’t really describe a melody in words… but I will say that sometimes the most basic chord progressions are KILLER. It’s like when you feel like you recognize what you’re hearing, but at the same time – it sounds completely new. It’s more what you DO with the melody.

DD: What sort of impression would you like to leave on your listeners? What would be the best reaction you could get from someone checking out your music? 

Best reaction I ever got was someone got a lyric of mine tattooed on their body. That, to me, is the ultimate compliment. I want to leave an impression on people with my words. I love it when people are like, “I loved that line” or “I can relate to that” or something of that nature. The instrumentation is secondary to me; It’s just a bed for the lyrics. It’s easier to articulate a feeling in words, and music is the surest way for people to actually listen. Even if you’re not a lyric person… you’re hearing it. Granted not every song is mad deep, but… you know, I try to get to the bottom of things.

 DD: Any final words for the readers out there? 

Yeah… Make a system that fits YOUR needs, and don’t worry about how a previous system worked. Do it to the extent of YOUR enjoyment, don’t let others push you where you don’t want to go. If it doesn’t feel right, it isn’t. And um…. wisdom is knowing when to step behind the curtain; a wise man never seeks fame. Oh and lastly…. true satisfaction is learning how to unlock your own special nature. Naturally, I’m still learning myself. d^_^b

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– Jimi Jaxon