Some new friends of mine have created this website. There have been many times where I’m on youtube with friends,  saying “Oh! Have you heard this?”..These guys have taken that idea and allowed members from anywhere to share culture and go off each others suggestions.  Stop by, hop into one of the open rooms and give it a shot.

DD: Thanks for getting in touch with my blog Ben, your music sharing site is very interesting! Talk about and what you hope to accomplish with the website.. 

Noidd: I had to show your first question to my friends who make the site. But, let me introduce them :

We are a team of 5 guys, there is Mayk, Max (my roommates), Léo and his brother Lucien, and me. =)

Max :

We got the idea at a party. The site is really a common idea, each of us added his touch to the construction. Noidd is first of all the sharing of the audiovisual culture on the internet, keeping the impulsive side of a conversation. I would like to see the site with at least 10 opened rooms, full of people from all countries. 

Ben :

We don’t know exactly where it will go, but we believe the idea of sharing anything with anyone is interesting. I would like people who discover the site says “wah, i’m listening this song because someone heard my previous song! I like it and should keep it to share it later”. Noidd really allows people to break down physicals barriers of exchange (like frontiers, money, clubs’ bouncer, timidity, etc…) My dream is to see in the same room a great dj playing with someone like you and me.

Everybody is “the great dj”  to someone else. =)

Lucien :

As the developer of the group, I don’t think Noidd means the same to me, because every time it’s “Oh god what do they want me to do this time ?” or “Arg, I hope people won’t notice any bugs…”. But it’s quite amazing to see how people respond to it, some just do exactly what we expected and some do the absolute opposite. I didn’t have the original idea, in fact I can remember a few months ago my brother asked me “hey Lucien, you think you can code a page where there’s a youtube embed and people could change the id of the video and when they do everyone on the page would have their embed changed ?” and I was like “huuhh… ok…” ! The first Noidd joy experience was between my house and the others’ school, you can’t imagine how exciting it was just to see your embed change and to think “someone posted this about a second ago and that someone is listening to this right now” ! About Noidd’s future… I mostly hope the servers can handle a hundred members playing at the same time. 


I remember seeing “The Social Network” with Ben and Max when it released, we had “plan sur la comète” (to plan on unlikely or uncertain options)… And then 2 months later they came with the idea of noidd. I was so excited, I immediately took it to my brother to code the site. It’s impressive to see how ideas came very quickly to upgrade the system. I’m so excited each time I see the accomplished work. It’s crazy to imagine that others people participate and spend time on Noidd.

Mayk :

For me noidd is the future of the internet for music. It all starts from a simple game, a game  to play music one after another with friends and consequently, listen to music from others. My biggest wish is that Noidd will exist in society and be considered as a reference in term of sharing and discovering music. The goal is also to welcome artists on Noidd to discover their musical culture. It could be very interesting. 

Best of luck guys, 

Jimi Jaxon

P.S. I jumped into a room on Noidd and just shared this song..