DD: Welcome back to Disco Droppings! You’ve returned with some sassy energy on “I’m Coming Out”, what did you enjoy most about putting this track together? Any The Get Moombahton sets in the works?

I was watching American Dad and they started playing the break from I’m Coming Out during a montage and I thought “Wow that guitar is amazing, I’m going to do some kind of edit/sample based track from it. Once I noticed the BPM I decided a Moombahton track would be a good direction. Making the first drop was probably the most fun moment. There will be more Moombahton.

DD: To contrast, your newest song “Technova” is much more twitchy and deep. Any specific inspirations for this one?


Gold Panda meets Gui Boratto at Moombah speed. I had the basic Bossa Nova beat looping in my head as I was trying to sleep on night, so at 3am I just got out of bed and started working till 6. I finished up the track later the next day with the intention of slipping it into Moombah sets as it has a real hypnotic and techy feel that you don’t typically see in that style of music.



DD: How are you and your lush haus buddies doing? Any fantastic songs I should be hearing?

PJ (Secret Hideout http://soundcloud.com/secret_hideout) has just moved to LA so I see big things happening for him there in the near future. Judson (Sumsun http://soundcloud.com/sumsun/august-early-demo) is back and forth between South Florida and NC but he is working on some exciting new material with a great female vocalist that I think will totally blow people away. As far as a fantastic song you should be hearing I think any of the little bit of Ifan Dafydd that you can find online will leave you stunned.

DD: What do you have planned musically for the rest of the year?

Right now I am developing a new project and am slowly piecing together an EP for that as we speak. Otherwise I will be doing a mini tour through Florida as “The Get” and will be releasing a mixtape of originals, remixes, and edits sometime soon. DD:: Last words? 2011 has been really amazing for music so far. For me it’s all about that indie RnB.




– Jimi Jaxon