Gotta get these guys up to Seattle! 


Welcome to Long Beach, the g-funk capitol. Right here, in this California haven come Alex Noble and Luigi III, two disco-inspired producers who make up the electronic DJ duo, LBCK. The name, which can be interpreted to have a number of meanings, is most commonly hailed as “Long Beach City Kids.” Their unique style is highly versatile, but can be best described as the uncharted realm where disco funk meets crafty synths, epic builds and viciously heavy drums.



LBCK is no newcomer to the stage. Their talent as producers has gained them world-wide recognition and the outrageous energy of their live performance has established their quickly growing fan base. Each of which has allowed for performances around the globe including both European and South American tours. Collecting support from some of the world’s most influential DJs, the duo’s debut EP titled ‘START,’ was featured in Virgin Mega France’s “Le Meilleur de la Scène Indè 2010 (Best of Indie Scene 2010) and accompanied by it’s award-winning music video, was aired most notably on MTV France. Most recently, LBCK has continued to deliver the goods, releasing their sophomore EP, ‘Instant Party,’ which has been met with much acclaim, assuring them a bright future in electronic dance music.

As an added bonus, check out this remix of LBCK by The Phantom’s Revenge! 

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– Jimi Jaxon