DD: How did this Crookers collaboration come together?

It came about quite naturally.  Neoteric sent them some bits including the original demo of Springer.  They loved the weirdness and thought they could add to it and wanted to use it as part of the Dr. Gonzo project.  How could we resist?

DD: The AUS producers continue to roll into Disco Droppings! You guys are on top of it. Who are some local producer/DJ’s you are fond of?

Yeah there is so many great DJs and producers here is Aus.  I really dig locals like Tommy Trash, Styalz Fuego, Cassian, Hook n Sling, Tom Piper, Lightyear, Beni, Anna Lunoe, Aston Shuffle and Nina Las Vegas.



DD: How often do you produce tracks with Neoteric? How does his style compliment yours?

Quite often.  We’ve been doing a ton of remixes and working on new original material.  Yeah his taste definitely compliments mine.  I think there are a lot of things I’m able to play him that he hasn’t heard of and vice versa so its good for new ideas.  He’s also a real good motivator and organizer which also helps. 

DD: Best compliment you’ve gotten on your music?

Probably from Drop The Lime’s feedback for “Go Deep”, he said: “This is absolutely fresh, fun and amazing! Already dropping it in sets. Huge response!”.  Also hearing A-trak and Morillo spinning your tunes or seeing it being charted by Diplo isn’t a verbal compliment but says all that it needs to.



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– Jimi Jaxon