When I first heard the Nero Essential Mix last year I was completely in awe. I felt it was Essential Mix of the year, and a shining example of balancing hard edges with some deep human emotion and soul. I’ve been waiting for their debut album, and now that it’s released, I have to say it’s one of the best albums of 2011. The deluxe edition is 20 songs long, and nothing feels like fluff. To remain cohesive and strong throughout 1.7 hours of material showcases some wonderful talent and razor-sharp precision. Primarily a Dubstep fueled album, this duo also masterfully dabbles in House (“Must Be The Feeling”) and  Drum & Bass (“New Life”, “Choices”). Above all, this album has motivated and energized me, I hope that more and more people will give it a listen and embrace the bassy, emotion-filled world of Nero. 





P.S. For best results, listen to this at night :0  

 – Jimi Jaxon