My buddy Julianne is studying abroad in Germany. Got a haircut from miss Johanna and told me I should check out her music. I did, and now she is here! 


DD: I listened to your “Into The Beat” mix all the way through, couldn’t stop! What songs on there do you like the most? What mindset were you in when this was recorded? 

Thank you for listening. I would say that one of my favorite tracks on this mix is Murr ft Rosina “My Best Dress (Adam Marshall Remix)”  because it has a really groovy bass-line and has this quite “douchy” female vocal that I love.

I was actually a bit stressed out when I recorded this mix, ’cause I had the worse month of my life before this day (moving house, moving studio and bad travel experiences) so I hadn’t had the chance to unpack all of my records or set up a proper DJ table yet. But somehow it worked out quite well, I found the perfect records to play together and then recorded it in one go. The mixing isn’t 100 %, but I’m happy with it for what it is.

DD: Being from Berlin, I bet the scene there is incredibly vibrant. What’s you’re experience been like in that part of Germany? 

I am Swedish and moved here about 3 years ago. I’m used to the Swedish scene (which was the reason for me to move to Berlin at that time) so for me everything has been an 100% improvement. Every night that I’ve been going to gigs or shows has been more interesting the the times I’ve been out back in Sweden or anywhere else I’ve been. It’s just different and I think that people that go to the clubs I go to here are in general more interested in the music and not so much in getting laid or drunk. Mind you, this is only my personal opinion and I might be wrong, hehe.

I have met so many incredible people here that I would never meet if I didn’t live here and I would also not get as many opportunities to gigs or collaborations. Mostly because I spend more time making music or listening to music here then I did in Sweden, since every one I know here is doing the same things it’s nothing wrong or weird about it. Back home I was at my work 24/7 and never had the extra energy to socialize or play records after work.It comes more natural now and I’m just starting to learn all about it.

DD: My friend Julianne is studying abroad around there. She said you were cutting her hair and mentioned that you do music. How did the haircut turn out? 

As far as I remember, it went very well. :]

DD: What got you interested in becoming a DJ?

The first time I went to Panorama 5 years ago and saw such energetic and inspiring dance-floor. It was Aaron Carl who played that night I think, and I remember how incredible it was to see him master his dance floor. People were like puppets moving to the music he played.  It was amazing and I thought a lot about this afterwards; imagine to have the opportunity to share your favorite music with like-minded people and dance together and set the mood for everyone. I just wanted to try it out for once, so I did 1 year later and it was the best thing I’ve ever done. House music has literally changed my life and it has taken me to places and people  I would never discover without it. 

DD: Last words? 

It IS a spiritual thing as far as I’m concerned. :]

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– Jimi Jaxon