I Have a soft spot for this local DJ, would luvvv some DJ lessons from CTRL_ALT_DLT he is a pro! Read what he has to say about his music and showcase at Decibel Festival 2011..Check out this song of his below as well as his preview mix for the festival here 


DD: You’ve got a Decibel Festival preview mix online, I’m listening to it now, sounds very smoooth. What can you tell readers about the upcoming Sweatbox Showcase at Decibel which you are hosting? I absolutely love the venue it’s being held at (The Woods). 

This will be a very techno-centric event, featuring two of the most creative and active producers/DJs in the game right now. Camea and Tim Xavier are two artists that have grown into serious powerhouses in the world of techno, continually producing and releasing quality tracks on their labels Clink and LTD400 and DJing all over the world, while still maintaining an underground aesthetic. Their music ranges from tough and driving techno all the way down to some dark and weird warehouse-style psychedelia. Very excited to hear what they’ve got in store and honored to be hosting it! The Woods is a very cool spot, and should be perfect for this kind of event—SMALL. DARK. LOUD. HOT.

DD: What’s an especially fond memory you have at past Decibel Festival’s?  

It’s tough to narrow down only one experience but I’ll mention something about last year’s edition, definitely one of the wildest years to date. Our friends from Portland, the whole Alga rhythms crew, rented this awesome house right on The Hill, it was like something out of The Real World, complete with a hot tub. Sunday morning turned into a madhouse with Soul Clap, Tanner Ross, Tim Green, Derek Plaslaiko and a few other DJs I’m forgetting, tearing that place up for hours. It was the party that wouldn’t quit and ended with Derek and me tagging for a couple hours, at like 7pm, to a handful of people that had been there since the morning—crazyness, and a huge inspiration for our Still Going party at Electric Tea Garden this year, which starts at 5am Sunday morning. 


DD: Showcase you’re most excited to see? 

Lot’s of good stuff going on this year. Excited for the Blurring the Lines showcase with Martin Buttrich and Cyanwave. Also looking forward to the Deep Foundations showcase with Mike Huckaby and Deniz Kurtel, although it’s too bad that Motor City Drum Ensemble had to cancel, as that was one of the artists I really wanted to check out this year, that’s how it goes though. Really stoked for the Flammable showcase with dOP and Kate Simko, that will be on helluva way to close out this year’s festival. Also, can’t forget the action we’ve got planned with the Sweatbox Showcase, Clink Afterhours at ETG, and Still Going! I’ve got a feeling this is gonna be a great year for the festival. See you all soon!



– Jimi Jaxon