Ya’ll are in luck! This Polish producer has offered Disco Droppings a bassy free remix..


DD: What’s it like over in Poland right now?

Well, it’s depressing because of the whole fall mess, we don’t get a lot of sun here. But the bass music scene is quite cool – we got some really great producers – Space, Ladies and Shoju from Warsaw, Sentel, Zeppy Zep, vanatoski from Cracow, Umba from Torun, Intreau from Wroclaw, MNSL from space and many more… Also some great labels like U Know Me and Concrete Cut, so yeah, fuck fall, let’s play some bass!

DD: Your “Accommodation” track has some big ass bass. What was the inspiration for making this one?

Bass is what makes the club running, so I kinda didn’t have any choice :] But also some old acid stuff – I like to put some hip hop acapella bits in every tune and I think it works just fine. But yeah, bass is always important!


DD: Talk a bit about your Loud & Clear parties..I’ve had Jamie Grind on my blog a while back, fine producer for sure!

And a great DJ as well! Me and my partner in crime (Phat Trakz, but we’re switching the name to something more civilized, if you catch  my drift :] ) were frustrated about the club scene in Wroclaw (especially when BBQ crew finished their great run) and we figured – hey, let’s do something about it. Most of the bookings are polish acts – we really want to promote good producers and DJ’s from Poland. But we’ve done some crazy bookings as well – Ritualz just blew our minds with haunted, insane trance. Next one will be with dMIT.RY (Neo Violence) from Prague – really looking forward for this one! And shouts to Das Lokal, Krakowska, Puzzle and Log:In clubs for having us over! We’re planning to expand, so everybody stay tuned!

DD: What do you have planned for the rest of 2011?

I’m releasing debut EP on French label Soukouch Ethnik, also I got signed by different French label – but I don’t think I’m allowed to reveal which one yet ;] It’s all cool, cause I really like France hehe. I got some remixes scheduled – first is for cult Polish indie rock band Cool Kids Of Death – that’ll be out soon. I may do some collaborations with other Polish producers, but we’ll see about it. Also in November I’m going to Madrid to participate in Red Bull Music Academy – that’s a real game changer for me. Oh, and Phat Trakz are going wild – look out for our productions as Pvre Gold!



DD: Last words?

Ron Swanson is the man! But seriously – nice talking to You, enjoy the remix and stay tuned for some new stuff!


Naphta’s on Soundcloud  


– Jimi Jaxon