DD: It is very special to have you on here man, A VJ that works with some of the most forward thinking beat producers in LA (Flying Lotus’s Brainfeeder, Low End Theory), as well as a blossoming local label (Dropping Gems). What’s the most rewarding aspect about working with these artists?

For a big portion of my life my art was totally personal. I used it medicinally to create hypnotic dream states as a way of soothing my soul. To manifest an experience that allowed me to completely escape reality was very enticing. However, this relationship with my art also made it extremely private and often lonely.

I was exposed to a larger world of music and art thanks to a chance meeting with Dave Wexler, aka Strangeloop. A deep friendship emerged out of synchronicity. Although we came from different backgrounds, our common interest in reality beyond the peripheral and also a fundamental desire to create and share psychedelic media perpetuated a growing connection. In turn, I not only made a dear friend but I was now being exposed to a community of incredibly creative people.

This relationship is what directly influenced me to take the course of life I’m on today. So in essence, the reward would be the state of mind I’m in now and also being part of an interconnect web of highly talented and inspiring individuals. 

DD: Next wednesday, as part of Decibel Festival, you’ll be VJ’ing for the Dropping Gems showcase. Looks like this will be a big night for your crew! What do you hope audiences take from this show?

I think the show is going to be a lot of fun. It’s a big night for Dropping Gems and I’m honored to be providing visual elements. We’re putting a lot of hard work into making the show an experience that people will take home with them. I’ve put together a brand new visual set for the night so there’ll be plenty of phantasmagoric stimulation to go around. 

In addition to visuals I’ll also be spraying down the crowd with a highly potent psycho-active compound….for continuity sake.    

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– Jimi Jaxon