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DD: You have some wonderful label affiliations! How did these relationships come together?

The Minus one is actually Plus 8 Records which is the sister label of Minus. When I first started making techno and house music in the early 90s, Richie Hawtin was one of the first people I sent demos to and communicated with. He always took the time to listen and give me feedback. Plus 8 was also one of the first labels I began to follow and became a huge influence on me. We kept a dialogue going and eventually in 1994 he signed some of my trax to Richie and John Aquaviva’s house sub-label, Definitive. I connected with Richie again around 2009 when we played a gig here together and he asked me for some recent music. I gave him a CDR of some new material and that became my ep on Plus 8. Throughout all of this time I feel like I really owe a lot to this guy from my start to present day.

Well Im not sure how the Ghostly one got on there as Im not an artist of theirs but in the very early days of the label I did a remix for the second Spectral release (Kenneth Graham). I remember when Sam sent me a package of the labels first releases and being so impressed by not only the music but the packaging and design. Its really great to see what hes done with Ghostly and how its evolved into something so much more than just another record label! 



DD: Your set at Decibel Festival will take place at one of favorite local venues, The Woods. It is beautiful up there, such a nice view and the DJ is up highhhh. What’s your set going to be like? 

Ive never been to The Woods but it sounds great! My set will probably lean towards the housier side in keeping with the vibe of the lineup, but you never know where it could go… Will have to see what people are up for and where things take us. Im thinking some newer bits mixed with some older… Maybe some acid house from Adonis, some techy house from Agaric.. 

DD: Last words? 

Looking forward to playing alongside The Miracles Club and M.Quiet. Portland in the house! Thanks to Db Fest for having me out and hope to see you there! :]




– Jimi Jaxon