DD Where’s the name BD1982 come from?

BD Very simple solution to deciding an artist name: my initials are BD and I was born in 1982.

DD You’re living in Japan, a place I’d love to DJ at some day. How does your environment influence your work as an artist? 

BD To be honest I don’t really feel any direct influence although I’m sure it’s impossible for your environment not to influence your work even subliminally. I guess the biggest aspect about living in Japan that has affected what I’m trying to achieve as an artist is space, which is kind of ironic living so close to Tokyo.

DD Your track “Calenture” for the label Diskotopia is very intriguing! What’s that label like? 

BD Diskotopia was started by A Taut Line in Osaka back in 2005 as an events collective. We met and became friends last year and he asked if I’d be interested in developing Diskotopia into a label. The goal with Diskotopia is to release a variety of music regardless of style with a timeless quality and a certain vibe while contributing to global music culture.


DD I’m feeling the artwork of these Diskotopia releases, especially that VHSNITE one :] 

BD Shaw from Neithercorp has been working and partnered alongside Diskotopia handling artwork and design from Day One. He’s got a really cool, varied aesthetic with the visual aspect of the label that compliments the releases and overall feeling perfectly. You can check out his work at http://neithercorp.com

DD What’s been an especially memorable show for you to play?

BD One of the last really great nights was in July when Diskotopia was hosting a sub-floor at Eleven in Tokyo. Lone was headlining the night which was cool as well but the vibe, crowd and music selection that we had going was a perfect balance for the kind of night where it was really fun to DJ and just hang out as well.

DD Are there any disciplines that you regularly exercise? Things that help keep you, “in the zone”?

BD A few of these are secret but I definitely like to watch the trailer for Contamination over and over again.



DD Artistic plans going into 2012?

BD Quite a bit going on well into 2012…Projects a little later on I can’t really talk about just yet but January will see the release of a huge Diskotopia compilation that will be available as a limited edition CD in Japan with bonus tracks.

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– Jimi Jaxon