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DD Seazooooooooo. Glad you’re back at Disco Droppings. How are you feeling right now? 

S I’m glad to be back myself! I’m feeling good mate, thanks for asking.

DD Happy to share this new track of yours. Will this be part of a new release? 

S I was wondering if I should save some tracks “under the hood” so I could release a new EP for later, but I’ve decided to make this as an single instead. I have another finished track just around the corner, but I will wait to release it, until Binarium has lost it’s “heat” ;]
Except from that, I think my productions will be on pause for a while now. I’ve got my first live performance in December, so I spend a lot of time of practicing these days. I didn’t know live-performance could be so fun!

DD Are there certain emotions that seem to come out in your music? Whether it’s subconscious or intentional..

S Hmm, I have thought about that myself sometimes, but it’s hard to come up with an answer. When I start on a new project, I usually always have an idea of how the atmosphere will feel. I guess this inspiration is based on certain emotions, and my state of mind in that moment. But as the track starts to take shape, I usually end up with something entirely different than what I had in mind. I dunno what feelings that trigger this pattern, but I guess it’s a mix of inspiration, creativity, emotions and that particular state of mind I have when I work on the project.

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– Jimi Jaxon