Now that the songs have been out for a few weeks, and we have the “Safari Zone” release party happening on 12/17, I want to go deeper into the minds behind this release for 7 Deadly Records. I’ve interviewed each artist who contributed a song, as well as Ian Buck (head to his blog more work) who absolutely nailed the vision as head photographer for our shots. Ian has asked me a question as well. The one person not interviewed is Alida Mulliken, who did all of our face paint designs, want to give a huge thanks to her!

Below is a preview of the release, If you havent grabbed the whole thing it’s up on our Bandcamp, pay what you want. 


DD Your track “Vudu” opens up the Safari Zone release. To me, one of your biggest strengths is taking in suggestions and inspirations. You have a strong work ethic to learn about production and because of that, you can take advice and deliver some incredible songs. How do you feel about your tribal themed song?

DJ Thanks man! Vudu was a really fun project. Experimenting with found sounds (egg shells crunching, sticks dropping) to make the drum and percussion parts was an exciting new approach. Im definitely going to use more unconventional samples and start working with my own field recordings more. My favorite part of this was that we all had a theme. All the songs came together so nicely. I already have lots of ideas for the next 7 Deadly compilation. 



DD What do you feel 7 Deadly Records is expressing with this release?

S We are creating art inspired by the ancient roots of human culture from around the world. We wanted to make a release and event that was themed around ancient Africa which we all inevitably came from. We are artists inspired by the origins of man. There is something missing from our modern culture that we yearn for: a community, a ritual, a connection, a tribe.


IB  It’s impressive what you and the crew have put together with this first release. Where does 7 Deadly Records go from here?

JJ Thank you Ian. It’s been a challenge to not only plan this release/party, but also project out into the next year. It’s taken some time, but I feel that there is a solid vision and direction for the label, as well as a group of artists that are ready to move forward. In January we will have a single release from Null.dll, with a remix from myself. Also planning a Valentines Day release, E.P. release and a 2nd compilation centered around a new theme. 


DD “River Of Golden Dreams” feels like a perfect ending to the release. Your style has gone through many changes to get to this point. What do you want to offer people with your future work as an artist? 

TD Yeah it has been a journey so far and I am I sure that it will continue to be that way, my music has been intertwined with my life for these last couple of years and it changes with me. What I really want to do is be able to express what I have learned about life and create a sonic environment that people can relate to.


DD I truly appreciate your willingness to jump in as a photographer and surround yourself with the theme of “Safari Zone”.  What do you hope to showcase with your work in collaboration with 7 Deadly Records?

IB It’s been awesome collaborating on a project with a group of talented, passionate artists. My plan was to take tribal influences and mix that with a more contemporary aesthetic. I set the portraits against gritty, anonymous backdrops, adding a touch of mystery and intrigue. The images showcase the individuality of each artist, while working together as a unified set.  

– Jimi Jaxon