For over a year now I’ve been following Rubix. Every so often he pops up in my email box with some new music, and each time I’m hyped on getting it to you guys. Below is a short interview, along with a preview of his “Ari E.P.” with Bart B More.  I bet you’ll be hearing this out in the clubz..upbeat, energetic with that acid feel! I’m down. 


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DD Each time you come back to Disco Droppings you’re stronger and more determined. It’s inspiring. Congratulations on working with Bart B More, he’s a massive producer! Were you guys able to be in the same room making “Ari” or did you send stems back and forth? 

R We were in the same room ;] ?

DD How do you keep yourself inspired when working on new productions? WHen you hit creative blocks, what helps you get to the next idea? 

R Coffee helps quite good haha. No I actually just start with something and the next idea will come out of that thing (when you have a good day). When you have a bad day. I just stop producing for that day.

DD How will you push yourself going into the new year? 

R A lot of new releases.


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– Jimi Jaxon