DD Hey man, how are you doing?

GD All good man, not loving the cold weather that’s suddenly hit us at all. Just working on some tunes, chilling, perfecting my comb-over.

DD Eating plastic feels like a computer going into a weird trip. What inspired this song?

GD Ermmm, stuff like Autechre & Kraftwerk. I like stuff that’s quite hard to listen to, and I was into Warp Records and Krautrock, like Neu! & Can, way before I was into dance music.



I just wanted to make a track that was quite difficult to follow beat-wise, but also had loads of space like Deep Medi & older Hotflush releases.

DD What do feel your Organic Show on Sub.Fm brings to the station?

GD Well I hope something new & different but I guess most of the station’s DJs would say that. I just try & play stuff I really love & want to support, guys like Mike Simonetti & Blawan at the moment.
I’ve been listening to Sub FM for years, was a massive fan of the Ruffage Sessions back in the day. It’s nice to see how the station these days has branched out to support house & techno as well as dubstep & garage. One thing you get on Sub FM is a feeling of community. The chatroom is something you don’t get on many other stations and it’s like a direct response to what tracks we play, almost like playing to an audience as such.


DD It’s pretty cool that your doing your Sub.FM show with Artek, the two of you also appear in a release from Car Crash Set. Artek’s single Holdin’, along with remixes from Resketch and yourself. How did all of you come together?

GD Yeah Artek’s prime goon number 1. I’ve known him for years, from playing in bands. We both used to be in hardcore bands in days of old, I still am to be fair.  I don’t personally know Resketch at all, I rate his productions though. I ended up doing the CCS release after months of begging from Artek & a cash bribe. I don’t do anything without a cash bribe. Man’s got to up his P game. The version that came out was rushed through in like 2 days to meet the deadline. The original version, which I’d say is much better, I actually lost on my computer. Hopefully one day it’ll surface.


DD How do you feel your forthcoming “Mechanic EP” on ABAGA Records compares to your earlier release, the “Organic EP” on the same label?

GD Hmmmm. This one’s better I think. It’s got less 140 tracks on it, more housey stuff, a couple of tracks are still weighty rollers, one of which with Neji who was on the old EP too. The tracklist isn’t fully realised as of yet, I’m still working on a couple of pieces that I think could replace some of the weaker tracks which have been submitted. The vibe is still the same as my last EP but I think these tracks are produced at a much higher standard & loads more thought has been put into making them work as structured pieces of music, rather than just dancefloor tracks. Although in saying ‘dancefloor tracks’ I don’t think I can produce stuff that’s pre-fabricated for guys/gyals to sweat to. It’s something I’ve tried many times but just can’t get the hang of.

DD How do you plan on pushes yourself as an artist going into 2012?

GD Well hopefully playing as many shows as possible & keep on doing the radio show. Maybe some more releases, something on vinyl would be awesome. Me & Artek have talked about doing a label as well, although financialy it could be a  nightmare it’s a nice pipe dream. Being able to put out music we love that’s getting overlooked would be decent. Aside from dance music, carry on playing in bands, get well good at sweep picking ha ha.

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– Jimi Jaxon