Special thanks to Sphyramid who showed me this music. Alright. Headphones on, eyes closed, and…listen 

DD What does “neo ambient” mean to you as a producer? How do you hope to expand beyond the boarders of genres with your music as I Awake?

IA I´m doing music straight from my heart. For me neo ambient means to let go of genres and only follow what corresponds best to my mood and to the flavor of the moment. Since I´m quite a fast person in general, producing downtempo music feels most natural for me. It balances me as a person. My earlier releases has been more genre free but I feel that the work I´m doing now goes more and more into chill-out/downtempo, but with a clear twist.

DD Your bio on Soundcloud mentions a style combining celestial emotions, tribal rhythms and an ever present sense of adventure. What moments or periods in your life helped solidify these things as key components of your mindset?

IA I have always been drawn to mysticism and ancient sounds, so blending in elements from the “unknown” has felt like something elementary from the start as a producer. I´m blessed with friends from all over the world which has helped me find either recordings from far away places or people they´ve introduced me to that can play odd instruments which I personally have recorded. I feel that all my work gets like a “print” of that certain period the music had been produced, it comes naturally. Almost like it happens thru myself and not by me.

DD What impact do you hope your art has on listeners?

IA I treat every track as if it would be a specific sonic journey. My goal is that the listeners feels like they are tuning in to that ride and actually are travelling as intended. This requires of course, active listening. Therefore a good pair of headphones in a comfortable setting and closed eyes are ideal for the full experience. 

DD What do your live sets look like? Your music is very visual, does this come into your shows?

IA Until now I have been travelling light with just a laptop and a couple of midi controllers. Mostly I have collaborations with spectacular visual artists like Andrew Jones for instance. Here is a link to a performance we did together on Hawaii in may 2011:

Right now I´m working on a dedicated visual setting for my future performances.

DD If you could collaborate with any visual artist, who would it be and what would it look like?

IA See above.

DD Plans going into the new year?

IA Right now I´m working on a new full-length album, but this time with a full live band! We call ourselves I Awake & The Now. It feels very natural to expand my expression with live instruments and I have some of the most talented musicians backing me up. It is really exciting and once we are done with the album we are sure to deliver something really interesting for 2012.

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– Jimi Jaxon