DD Ukraine, what’s that like?

L Right now the whole of Ukraine is in anticipation of snow, but we have a lot of bass-party organizers, who will warm us all winter. These include such organizations such as the Wicked Bass, Bass Me, Kievbass and many others, so I will not be bored. We have lots of good music and energy, that’s Ukraine to me.

DD Talk a bit about the labels your associated with. Rotation Deep UK, Millions Of Moments..

L Millions of Moments is a very respected label, known for the release of techno music from artists such as Quantec, Atheus, Synkro and more. I`m very glad to be a part of this label family. Always pleased with their colorful palettes. [:

Now I`m working on a few releases on British labels Subdepth and Phuture Shock Musik so, more lostmusic to come. [:

DD Your Tumblr is super sleek.

L Thanks. I often change my site design, I like to visually arrange the music.


DD How has your production techniques changed since you started? What new areas do you plan on exploring?

L It may sound strange, but to me I don’t often write an interesting track, I’m a very self-critical person. Nothing has changed  since I`m started, still write with varying degrees of success, still using only Reason, still waiting for inspiration..

I plan to explore more techno music, slow and minimalistic, but with vocals. [:

DD If you could book your own show with 4 acts, who would they be?

L I think the first who I’d call to play would be Synkro, Dark Sky, Pariah, Sepalcure…


Lostlojic on Soundcloud

– Jimi Jaxon