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DD Thanks for sending me that comment on Disco Droppings with a link to your music. Took me a while to head over to your Soundcloud, but I’m glad I did!

A No problem! Thanks for taking the time to listen and for putting this interview together. I truly appreciate it.

DD Amable translates to “kind” if I’m getting it proper. How does this  play into your music?

A Amable is a spanish word meaning nice. I’m also making  a reference to the slang use of “nice.” In regard to the music, I aim to make music that’s enjoyable but not necessarily “nice” in nature. You have to have variances in moods or it gets boring.


DD What was the best part of your summer down in Florida?

A My favorite part of the summer was going to Cape Canaveral Sea Shore. It’s the best beach I’ve been to in Florida. On a good day you can have a mile of beach all to yourself with wildlife surrounding you. It’s a great place to get away.

DD Who do you look to for inspiration when building these fluid, dreamy kinds of beats?

A Pete Rock, Large Professor, Jaylib, Doom, Odd Nosdam, Jel, Mansbestfriend, Alias, Boards of Canada, Count Bass-D, Joe Beats, Dibiase, Maker, Dabrye, Blockhead, P.U.T.S., J-zone, Fat Jon, J Rawls, Kankick, Jneiro Jarel, The Strange Gibberish Crew, The Sassbologna Crew, The sp-forum heads,  The artists on the beat-tape co-op blogs, Jazz, Rock, Soul, Funk, Films, Comedy. I could go on and on.

DD What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far as an artist?

A The same challenge that every artist deals with, recreating themselves and improving their craft. I don’t want to make the same album over and over, so I’m trying new approaches to how I make songs. The “Amable” beat tape was more loop oriented while “And Now” was chopped up and has parts that I played on the keyboard. Creating outside of your comfort zone can have surprising results. It keeps the creative process interesting and allows for progress in your sound. 


DD Where will Amable’s music go for the rest of 2011 into 2012?

I’ll be contributing to the Strange Gibberish downloads. I’m also working on a new beat tape called “Nice” which will be released on Geweih Ritual Documents. The artwork is going to be handled by Peter DeAngelo  and as an added value item for the release, there will be a limited cassette version of “And Now” with new artwork. There are also rumors that 4 remixes of songs from “And Now” may be released on a 7 inch record. Also in the works is a video directed by Matt Nelson. All of these projects are currently in the works so stay tuned! 

DD What songs stuck in your head right now? Good or bad.

A “Sacre Cool” by Young Montana and the video is nice too.


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Take Care –

Jimi Jaxon