Feels like the right way to start of 2012 here on Disco Droppings. This young duo from the UK has a lot of love to give. Their EP is on the way..

DD Your use of vocals is incredibly clear and balanced. Goes straight to the heart. What vocal tracks have emotionally hit you the most?

B For me (George) I actually love the vocals in ‘BTSTU’ by Jai Paul. There’s something intriguing yet beautiful about the contrast between the lyrics and the vocal itself. Lykke li is also someone I’m inspired by. We’re both big John Legend followers, he really shows the extent an acapella can be taken to in tracks like ‘Used To Love U’.

For me (Adam) John Legend’s first two albums are remarkable vocal-wise, ‘Where did my baby go?’ is a perfect vocal and melody combination in my opinion. I’m also a big fan of Alicia Keys, ‘The Diary Of Alicia Keys’ especially, ‘If I Ain’t Got You’ is too good. I think her voice is practically perfect in that song. All of D’Angelo’s ‘Brown Sugar’ has some beautiful vocal performances as well.


DD What would you say about each of your contributions to the sound of Bondax? As a pair, how do you guys bounce off each others style and mindset?

B We work quite separately when it comes to gathering ideas generally. But our sound is definitely a combination of (mainly Adams) compositional ideas and (Georges) production ideas so the end product is a reflection of both our creative preferences. The other thing is, being such close mates we have no problems telling each other what we really think so we always achieve something we both like.

DD If you could interview one of the producers you’re influenced by, what would you want to talk about?

B Well obviously it’d be nice to take some production tips from them firstly. It’d be cool finding out when and where they produce, if they have a sanctuary-esque studio or if they just have a laptop they move around with. It’s also interesting knowing how someone gets themselves in the right vibe for producing. It’d be sick just to hear about a few of their greatest experiences in or out of music too.


DD What have been a few of the most inspiring moments for you guys in 2011?

B Radio 1 play, getting our tracks signed to several labels, getting played on rinse fm. Support from lots of other djs, turning 18 (George)! It’s all been quite mad considering we had only made one original track together this time last year and it was infact ‘Just Smile For Me’.

Warehouse Project was definitely a highlight, and Beatherder festival, always one of the best weekends of the year. It’s sick knowing that we make tunes that sound like we want them to sound and people still enjoy them, there’s a great sense of joy and liberty that comes from that. Although our music is essentially dance music because it’s what we love, everything comes straight from our hearts. I think that love is why our tunes almost have a softness that surrounds all of them. Hopefully we’ll continue to evolve as quickly in 2012 and there will be some exciting times ahead.

DD Last words?

Thanks to all who supported us in 2011, our first EP ‘Reverie’ will be dropping around March keep your eyes peeled and a happy new year to all.

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– Jimi Jaxon