Mm what a pleasure to have Max Cooper on Disco Droppings! With a staggering amount of music (over 50 releases), and a razor-sharp ability to blend emotions and atmosphere into his productions, this guy is quite the inspiration. Catch him tonight at Re-bar with Nordic Soul & Michael Manahan for $5, FB Event. Now, onto the interview..

DD I had a lot of fun at your show last night. Lots of positive energy from the crowd. How did it feel debuting this live set of yours? 

MC It was a great party thanks, I tried out a few new tracks for the first time as well, luckily they didn’t clear the floor! But no, I love playing in Seattle, that was my third time after Decibel and the Electric Tea Garden afterparty last year, every set has been a lot of fun, always a really friendly and responsive crowd who are willing to get involved and follow me off on some tangents!



DD You’ll be switching gears tonight with a second show at Re-bar. This time you’ll be doing a DJ set. What will the vibe be like for this mix? 

MC I think the vibe tonight will be a bit more housey in general, as I’m standing in for Motor City Drum Ensemble who couldn’t make it, but I’ll still be dabbling in some mayhem if I can get away with it! As always, I’ll do my best to play to the crowd.

DD Are there any songs your especially excited to show people tonight? Will we get to hear any exclusives?  

MC I’ve made some glitchy bootlegs recently which I’ll be playing, a couple featured on my recent RA mix incase you want a preview.


DD Lastly, what do you enjoy most about Decibel? 

MC The most enjoyable thing is getting to play at the amazing parties of course! As well as having the opportunity to play alongside some of my favourite acts – the booking policy is very much in line with my personal views on how things are done best, in the way that the festival combines multiple genres in single events, giving the audience something really fresh and interesting but still with a flow and the bottom line of a great party.

– Jimi Jaxon