I’ve thoroughly enjoyed listening to this EP. Read my conversation with Blixaboy below to learn more about his rhythmic, energetic style. His new EP, “Intro To Futro” has just been released on Brighton’s Concrete Plastic label, and can be picked up here.


DD Your new “Intro to Futro EP” opens up into this vast world. Listening through these productions, you’ve got a strong foundation of rhythm and are very fluid. Congratulations on this collection of new songs!

B Thanks.

DD With this EP I envision a dark club, beats pulsing, audiences getting lost in the Blixaboy sounds. I’ll definitely be playing these out in Seattle! What visuals come up in your mind when thinking about this release?

B I am a bit of a comic book and sci fi nerd. I love William Gibson, anime and the whole cyperpunk mythos. Kind of the imaginary soundtrack to the future movie in my mind.

DD Your the latest artist to join the Concrete Plastic label based in Bristol. What about this label stands out to you most?

B Their connection to Ai recordings was a big attraction at first, but their enthusiasm for my music turned out to be the real stand out. I can honestly say I dig the other music they have released. I submitted tracks. They curated what made the cut for the ep and the album. I was not sure about that at first, but those guys have great taste and at the end of the day I am way to close to the material. Having an external filter was welcome change. I am a bit of a anomaly in Texas so being on a label that is not from here is a big plus.


DD You just had an E.P. release party, what did it look like?

B Convextion played right before me which is always a treat. He’s my buddy and I tend to do gigs with him fairly often here in Dallas. He is a true master of Deep Techno and this gig was no exception. I DJ’d a bunch of my own tracks for the 1st half of my set. Mostly unreleased tunes. I tend to always play whatever I have written in the past few weeks before a gig. I did the second half of my set with my buddy Cygnus. We did an all hardware(no Computers) improv set of heavily acidized warehouse techno. I was using my yamaha sequencer and a couple of Kaoss pads. Cygnus was using a Monomachine and a 303. We got down pretty hard. Like most Blixaboy gigs the video was done by VJ S(eye).

DD Last words? I’m sure this isn’t the last time you’ll be coming through Disco Droppings!

B Very cool to be chatting with a blog from my favorite City. I am a huge fan of Seattle. I missed Decibel last year, but I attended the previous 2 years. A few years ago I played with Glenn Branca in his 100 guitar symphony in Seattle and before that got to Judge a Laptop Battle. Something keeps drawing me back to that city. One of my closest friends lives there and I try visit as often as possible. You guys have some truly amazing record stores.

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– Jimi Jaxon