For those of you that haven’t heard this nasty track from MikeQ, here’s “Let It All Out” (Purchase on Beatport). This guy is traveling the world, sharing his high energy sounds. These are centered around the ballroom scene, which you can learn more about in this RBMA feature. Catch him at his headlining Seattle show this Saturday at Lo-Fi 

DD It’s a pleasure to talk with you MikeQ, where are you at right now in your travels?

MQ EVERYWHERE! This year alone I’ve been in a pretty good amount of different places throughout the US, UK & EU. Pretty amazing to me. 


DD I first heard your name through Fade To Mind with your “Let It All Out” release, that track popped off! More recently, I started reading past interviews with you, listening to your many Soundcloud tracks and watching the film “Paris Is Burning”. Now I am hooked on this ballroom/vogue culture. What about all this connects with you most? 

MQ What initially attracted me to the scene was a combination of the dancing and music that existed at that time (2003), but now it’s just so much more than that, good and bad.


DD The newest track to surface on your Soundcloud is a brilliant rework of Madonna’s “Vogue”. I snatched up a free download, very hyped to play this out, sassy. How would you describe Madonna’s role in your scene? What’s your favorite track of hers?

MQ Lol… Madonna’s role In the Ballroom scene from my opinion is basically just someone famous who grasped the culture and helped put it out the the world on a mainstream level, and “Vogue” would be my favorite track of hers with “Holiday” next & then more recently “The Beat Goes On”.  


DD I feel that you have a unique mindset with music production. Knowing the ballroom scene, the people that make it up and the dance styles that revolve around it, is essential to your style. You are completely connected with the dancers and nightlife, it fuels your ideas for tracks. Which tracks of yours embody this idea most? Which ones have you seen audiences expecially go off to?

MQ Well your right about that! lol… Lets see.. I would have to say my “Ebony Ha 2009”, “The Master Blaster”, “10’s Across The Board” …They really go off to “Feels Like”, “The Ha Dub ReWerk’d” and an older track of mine which is pretty much unnamed but its a mix of 50 Cent’s “Disco Inferno” but that was back In 2005 and when I played that people came to the booth like WTF!? lol.


DD I will definetely be at your show March 3 @ Lo-Fi (Seattle). I’m a big fan of Car Crash Set, and feel that your presence will be refreshing and a total thrill. How would you describe your upcoming set, for those thinking about attending?

MQ My upcoming set… I would have to say is going to most likely be random. But definitely full of energy, lots of Ballroom, House & Jersey Club And just energetic. I’m not one of those gimmicky DJ’s thats jumping up and down as I play, but its all in what you will hear.. I only play music that I myself enjoy so im sure everyone else will as well.

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– Jimi Jaxon