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Crafting some of the sassiest and most memorable mixes I’ve heard in a while, and looking damn good doing it. It’s time to turn up the heat on Disco Droppings, Joey LaBeija is in control. In this interview we talk about his House of LaBeija family, influence, how his mixes come together and his connection to the CuntMafia Warehouse parties in New York.


DD You are a part of the House of LaBeija, the first voguing house ever started. You are also the only DJ in this crew. As ballroom and vogue culture continues to spread, you seem to be in an ideal central spot. How would you describe the house, its significance and your role in the whole thing? 

JL Being a 4th generation LaBeija has been a blessing. Everyone in the house is so loving, supportive, goal oriented and driven.  One of our LaBeija mottos is ‘we are a family first and a ballroom house second’. Every single one of us, even our Father Tommie, has a hustle and a struggle and it feels really comforting to know that we are all in this together. The house was quiet for a while in the ballroom scene, and as members of the house, we are all doing our thing to make sure everyone knows WE ARE BACK.  I got inducted to the house shortly after my first international gig in Tokyo. I knew that my life as a DJ was slowly but surely about to grow, and I wanted to do it in the name of LaBeija, helping bring the name back to the forefront in and outside of the ballroom community.

DD What has influenced your style as a DJ? 

JL I am not much of a voguer, I only vogue when I’m turnt up with my boys smoking blunts at the crib or when I come out the shower feeling soft-n-cunt. Ballroom music is just a fraction of what I like to play…I think growing up in New York has influenced my style as a dj more so than anything. Growing up here I was a floater, never really hanging out with one specific group of people. I went to school with guidos, hung out with punks on St. Marks, cruised for trade with fags on The Pier, and smoked L’s and drank Korbel with my ratchet bitches on the block.  Each crew had a completely different influence on me musically and I think it shows a lot in what I do.


DD In addition to an obvious gift with music, you have really rad style. I don’t really have a question about your style, but I just want to commend you on looking fucking awesome all the time. 

JL Thanks boo ❤

DD I enjoy the names of some of your mixes, such as “Tales From The Bedroom” and “Good Sex & Night Terrors”. Do you often think about themes when pulling together your track lists? 

JL Going into a mix with a theme in mind is really important to me. I like to think of those mixes in particular as pages from my journal because they tell a little bit of a story. I didn’t pick tracks for either of them…I recorded them live and played strictly off of my emotions. The titles came to me after listening to them. I wanted Tales From the Bedroom to be a panty dropper mix; something you could listen to while gettin yacked by your [in]significant other. Good Sex & Night Terrors is my favorite..for me, it is story about how much of a nightmare it can be balancing your hustle, loving a dude and being a bad bitch which is exactly what I was going through while recording it.


DD I read in a past interview that you’re planning to expand your friend CuntMafia’s Warehouse parties in New York. These look extremely diverse in terms of the crowds you attract as well as extremely successful in general. How is that coming together? I hope you guys come to Seattle, I’d love to help in any way!

JL Contessa and I are always curating something crazy. Me her and my best friend Shawn Leigh had a great success with our monthly party ‘Iconic’ this summer. I decided to pull the reins on it for a plethora of reasons, the main one being none of the venues really felt like home, which is why we moved the party around every time. But when we find the right home we will bring something back to life for sure. Throwing warehouse parties involves a lot and can be really difficult when you don’t have a rich white man fronting/investing the money for you like other warehouse parties here. Thats why I respect Contessa, she may be wild as fuck and will rage on you like no other, but all of her success is self made and self invested. She’ll take a struggle over a stack of cash any day cuz she’s ACTUALLY about that life.

DD What artists have you the most hyped right now?

JL GIRL!. There has been so much good music coming out recently it’s almost TOO much to handle. I’m really loving everything coming out from Fade To Mind right now. That Kelela Album is has been my bible since it dropped. Kingdom’s Vertical XL is genius, and I’m like crying in anticipation of NguzuNguzu’s new ep coming out. Don’t get me started on Drake’s NWTS…that album has me slow winding for hours at end. 

DD Any last words?

JL For booking inquiries contact: JOEYLABEIJA@GMAIL.COM


Joey LaBeija – Soundcloud Twitter Facebook Tumblr

– Jimi Jaxon


walton beyond

I’ve been looking through the Hyperdub Discogs, and one of the newest releases is Walton’s debut album, Beyond. This was my first time hearing of him, and after discovering some of the tracks, I’m absolutely obsessed. This album takes various styles and genres and puts them through Walton’s brilliant perspective; creating distinct (and familiar) characters with wild lives of their own.


Although the end result is to me Walton’s unusually gifted talent, I draw some connections between his music and others in the underground. “Frisbee” reminds me of the Night Slugs and “Amazon” is like a cousin of Kingdom’s “Stalker Ha” living in the jungle. Could just be my ears, but I can imagine it.


It’s difficult to have cohesion in an album. I’ve listened through recent records that have great tracks, but one of my critiques is that there isn’t a unifying element to the collection of songs as an album. Amazingly, a 22 year old dude from Manchester has emerged with an effortless, unvided debut album for Hyperdub.

In an interview with Thump, Walton said the album “has quite an industrial feel to it.” It’s a perfect way to describe the similarity in Beyond. There’s an almost mechanical perfection of multiple sounds in dance music today, which is a little eerie but mostly just badass. Walton is making a strong statement as a producer with this Hyperdub release, and his age seems to show that he’s just getting started.


Walton – Facebook Soundcloud Twitter

– Jimi Jaxon



My friend Korma turned me onto this mix from Total Freedom. It’s dope as fuck. Slick mixing the whole way through and some wild, diverse beats. He’s a member of Kingdom’s Fade To Mind crew. You can see him live in Seattle on May 29th @ The Crocodile with inc. & Kelela. I’m sure I’ll be writing more about this dude in the future. For now, sit back and take this in.

Total Freedom – Twitter Facebook Soundcloud 

– Jimi Jaxon 

Kingdom is the shit. My favorite set at Decibel Festival 2011.  He’s playing tonight at Chop Suey – GO



DD This weekend feels like a Fade To Mind takeover, between your show tonight (Chop Suey), and MikeQ on Saturday (Lo-Fi), very exciting! How would you describe your show tonight, for those who may be unaware? 

K Total Freedom, Massacooramaan, Cedaa and myself will be showing people what Fade to Mind artists always do, playing a lot of custom edits, unreleased tracks, and club music with a wide range of emotion and intensity.

DD You’ve brought Cedaa into the Fade To Mind crew, what an incredible oppurtunity. I’ve seen him perform a few times now and it’s rad to see him alongside such a progressive group of artists. What about Cedaa do you find most inspiring?

K Cedaa’s style is high energy and bubbling but also moody at times. Very clean too, and his DJ sets are impeccable and far reaching.


Kingdom: Facebook Twitter Soundcloud 

– Jimi Jaxon 

If you’ve been following the last few posts on Disco Droppings, you’ll notice that there are 2 major shows happening this weekend. Cedaa’s interview is number 4 of a list of performers, playing either at Chop Suey (Friday) or Lo-Fi (Saturday). Cedaa happens to be playing both, and his bumpin XLR8R podcast can be heard here



DD Hi Cedaa, welcome to Disco Droppings. I’ve done a few features with III Cosby who runs Car Crash Set, excited to collaborate with the label more. 

C Thanks :] Yeah Cosby is great, same goes for the whole CCS camp. I encourage everyone to check out their catalog. Quality and diversity.

DD I think I saw you at the Night Slugs showcase for Decibel Festival..did you enjoy yourself? That was my favorite showcase for sure! Fun group of guys.

C That was my favorite event of the festival as well. Great energy, stellar sets from all involved. The Baltic was buzzing that night. The tag-team was definitely a moment. Really excited to play with Kingdom this Friday at Fade To Mind # 5 Seattle Takeover, along with Massacooraman and Total Freedom, two other Fade To Mind artists. Friday’s show should prove a night to remember as well. Plus MikeQ is in town the following night! Can’t wait.

DD Looking at young producers from NW starting to establish themselves, you’re name stands out for gaining national and international recognition. Artists from Car Crash Set and Dropping Gems are getting strong visibility as well which is rad. Now that you’ve teamed up with Kingdom and Fade To Mind, how has your perspective/vision changed or evolved? How do you hope your upcoming Fade To Mind release will resonate with the music community?

C Artists from CCS and Dropping gems are definitely doing their thing right now. Astronomar has been working hard as well. Warms my heart when I see local artists I appreciate and respect  getting some attention. They deserve it :]

Id like to think my music and tastes are ever-evolving. Joining Fade To Mind has influenced that evolution, but many other things have as well. I am always becoming myself lol. I’m taking more time with my next ep than I have in the past. Bit of a change from the workflow of some of my previous releases. 

I aim to put out a record that is both provocative and fun. Unorthodox club music. 


DD Has your studying of Cultural Anthropology influenced your work as Cedaa?

C I suppose it has in a way. I find regional music scenes extremely interesting, specially within America. Juke, Bounce, Jersey Club, the many flavors of hip hop, etc. Internet culture appeals to me in the same way. Anthro theory applies in to many situations not to notice. Many others who do not study anthropology share these same passions tho. 

DD What’s the biggest challenge you face as an artist?

C Getting thru school probably. 

DD A few of your all time favorite songs?


Slick Rick ft. Big Boi – Street Talkin’

Andre Nickatina – Balla Race

DJ Rashad – 40cal

DJ Deeon – Ride This MF

Drumline Final Battle Scene***

Cedaa: Facebook Twitter Soundcloud 

– Jimi Jaxon