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If you’ve been following the last few posts on Disco Droppings, you’ll notice that there are 2 major shows happening this weekend. Cedaa’s interview is number 4 of a list of performers, playing either at Chop Suey (Friday) or Lo-Fi (Saturday). Cedaa happens to be playing both, and his bumpin XLR8R podcast can be heard here



DD Hi Cedaa, welcome to Disco Droppings. I’ve done a few features with III Cosby who runs Car Crash Set, excited to collaborate with the label more. 

C Thanks :] Yeah Cosby is great, same goes for the whole CCS camp. I encourage everyone to check out their catalog. Quality and diversity.

DD I think I saw you at the Night Slugs showcase for Decibel Festival..did you enjoy yourself? That was my favorite showcase for sure! Fun group of guys.

C That was my favorite event of the festival as well. Great energy, stellar sets from all involved. The Baltic was buzzing that night. The tag-team was definitely a moment. Really excited to play with Kingdom this Friday at Fade To Mind # 5 Seattle Takeover, along with Massacooraman and Total Freedom, two other Fade To Mind artists. Friday’s show should prove a night to remember as well. Plus MikeQ is in town the following night! Can’t wait.

DD Looking at young producers from NW starting to establish themselves, you’re name stands out for gaining national and international recognition. Artists from Car Crash Set and Dropping Gems are getting strong visibility as well which is rad. Now that you’ve teamed up with Kingdom and Fade To Mind, how has your perspective/vision changed or evolved? How do you hope your upcoming Fade To Mind release will resonate with the music community?

C Artists from CCS and Dropping gems are definitely doing their thing right now. Astronomar has been working hard as well. Warms my heart when I see local artists I appreciate and respect  getting some attention. They deserve it :]

Id like to think my music and tastes are ever-evolving. Joining Fade To Mind has influenced that evolution, but many other things have as well. I am always becoming myself lol. I’m taking more time with my next ep than I have in the past. Bit of a change from the workflow of some of my previous releases. 

I aim to put out a record that is both provocative and fun. Unorthodox club music. 


DD Has your studying of Cultural Anthropology influenced your work as Cedaa?

C I suppose it has in a way. I find regional music scenes extremely interesting, specially within America. Juke, Bounce, Jersey Club, the many flavors of hip hop, etc. Internet culture appeals to me in the same way. Anthro theory applies in to many situations not to notice. Many others who do not study anthropology share these same passions tho. 

DD What’s the biggest challenge you face as an artist?

C Getting thru school probably. 

DD A few of your all time favorite songs?


Slick Rick ft. Big Boi – Street Talkin’

Andre Nickatina – Balla Race

DJ Rashad – 40cal

DJ Deeon – Ride This MF

Drumline Final Battle Scene***

Cedaa: Facebook Twitter Soundcloud 

– Jimi Jaxon 


Today I’ll be featuring a NW producer/DJ whose been showcasing his productions for many years and shows no signs of stopping. Forthcoming sounds in 2012. Get to know 214 below..

Don’t miss Saturday’s Lo-Fi show 3/3 – $5 ADVANCE for this wonderful, upcoming  extravaganza. Performers include 214, MikeQ, DJAO, Kid Smpl and Cedaa.

Preview 214’s Fortified Audio EP here

DD Welcome to Disco Droppings, 214. You have a lot of material for me to listen through! I want to first discuss my favorite releases of yours, followed by the forthcoming 214 tracks, out this year.

214 Thanks for the interview.

DD Going back to 2004, your Esemplastic LP came out of Mikrolux. I really enjoyed listening through this release on Beatport. The track “Above See Level” feels very dreamy and contemplative. What did you hope to accomplish with this album, and where did you envision yourself around this present time?

214 Thank you. These were actually the first set of tracks I was comfortable with after producing for a few years. I wanted to hone my skills and sound before I was confident sending out a demo. There were 3 labels that were interested, but 2 of them just wanted an ep. I felt the collection of tracks as a whole came across better as an album so I signed on to the now defunct Mikrolux to release the LP.  My only goal was just to get myself out there at the time. Sign onto a label with an eye for aesthetic and good promotion.  

DD Last year in 2011 you released Drift Driving on Harbour City Sorrow. This stood out to me as a very solid and balanced collection of songs. The car revving samples used for the title track are well done and the last track “Sidestepping” has a lot of movement. This among others, was a release you pressed vinyl for. How long have you been collecting vinyl, and were there any specific records that inspired you to want your own 214 vinyl presses?

214 Thanks for the compliment. To date that has been my favorite EP.  Both in sound/production and it was released on a sublabel of one of my favorite labels, Frustrated Funk. (Just a quick note though, no cars were sampled or harmed in the making of the title tune). That was just a synth.  

I’ve been buying vinyl since the mid 90s. I was a dj first. I don’t buy as much these days with the advent of the digital age, but I still pick up what I can. I don’t know if there was one specific record(s) that inspired me, but to me the mid-90s was a time when some of the best electronic music was released. Lots of records with raw emotion. I am also a huge fan of Electro and those were the best years for releases for that style of music.  

DD I’ve been learning more about Hypercolour, the label you’ll be releasing music on this year. This underground house/techno label has featured tracks by Maya Jane Coles, Mosca, Tom Demac and many others since 2006. Maya Jane Coles continues to amaze me, each time I listen to her Essential Mix from last year. How do you plan to spice things up on Hypercolour with your new 214 tracks? What is your favorite release from the label?

214 Well the main thing is that I’m not releasing as 214, but debuting my J.Alvarez moniker on the label. This alias was set up to explore all things house, so it will be a much different sound than my usual. I’m really happy with those tracks and even more excited to be debuting on such a great label.  They grow in strength with each release. To date, my favorite EP is probably Maya’s Hummingbird release. Followed by Huxley’s latest.  

DD Each time I’ve seen you perform live I’ve enjoyed it more and more. You’ve got a strong sense of dance-floor dynamics and the sounds your producing are refreshing to hear in Seattle. Who have you most enjoyed playing shows alongside? Where can we see you play next?

214 Thank you. Live shows are tedious to put together so I appreciate the kind words. This year I plan on reserving those sets for special events, festivals, one offs, etc. They can really drain you during the process of putting them together.  

Last year, playing live for BLOC festival over in England and then home here for Decibel were 2 of my favorites. I played alongside so many great acts.  

I’m playing a short live set on March 8th @ the Electric Tea Garden as part of a Grammy Social mixer for the PAC NW chapter. There will be a lot more information around that at the show and there’s a couple of us working together to get some things happening in Seattle we’re excited about. Outside of the that, the rest are dj sets.

Mar 3 – with MikeQ at LoFi

Mar 9 – with Kenny Larkin @ LoFi

DD Last words?

214 Be on the lookout for my upcoming Fortified Audio EP. Should be out within the month. That will be followed by my Hypercolour EP, which is actually being cut today. Then an EP for Frustrated Funk. All vinyl releases, too, for all you acetate lovers.  

214: Soundcloud Twitter Facebook

– Jimi Jaxon


Anyone following my Twitter account will often see retweets of new Kid Smpl sounds, as well as naming the producer in just about every #FF of mine. I talked with him about his style last November, and I couldn’t help but bring him back once again. 

DD What do you have planned for the upcoming lo-fi show on march 3rd? Ive become a huge fan of headliner, MikeQ…lineup is big! Lots of progressive local talent. 

KS Really excited for that show, it’s gonna be my first live set. I’ll be playing in the front room that night, which will be a bit more chilled out than the  back room where MikeQ will be playing. Basically my set will be composed of entirely my own productions and I will be preforming them with my laptop and an apc40. It’ll be kinda like one big mash up of my tunes.

DD How many hours a day do you spend producing? I’m amazed by your output. Do you have lots of projects coming together at once, or do you solely focus on one track at a time?

KS I probably spend at least an hour a day producing but occasionally there are days that I don’t produce at all. I have a sort of pattern where I form the basis or general idea of my tracks late at night and then finish them up during the day when I have free time or during the weekend. So I might spend an hour or two getting that general idea at night and then spend a few hours during the next few days finishing the track up. I typically try to just have one project going at a time however lately I’ve been a bit more busy with remix requests and whatnot. 


DD I got the chance to hear two of your recent sets in Seattle. One at the Living Room Bar for DJ Alex’s first monthly, and at Temple for a Car Crash Set night. Being used to your productions, it was a pleasant surprise to hear a more energetic, pumpin set from you at Temple. What tracks of this type have an influence on your productions? You seem to be well aware of both the atmospheric and the futuristic club tracks out there. 

KS Ya there’s a lot of really innovative dance floor oriented music being made right now. I really like producers like HxdB, XI, Mirror State, Blind Prophet, Artifact, etc. and their music has definitely influenced my own. 

DD I’m hyped to have you on an upcoming 7 Deadly Records release. Your remix of a Sphyramid track has this slow, swirly synth that I have’nt heard you experiment with before. What other releases do you have on the way? 

KS Ya it was really fun making that remix! Other than that, I have an EP called ‘Unkept’ coming out on Swing & Skip, a single called “Float” on Night Tracks, a split EP with Daega Sound coming out on Car Crash Set as part of the No Northwest series, and a single on Sonic Router’s new label.

DD Do you have plans for visuals to appear in upcoming sets? There are some talented VJ’s in our area. 

KS Not at the moment but that’s something I’m very interested in making happen. VJs hit me up!

Kid Smpl: Twitter Tumblr Facebook Soundcloud 

– Jimi Jaxon