Today I’ll be featuring a NW producer/DJ whose been showcasing his productions for many years and shows no signs of stopping. Forthcoming sounds in 2012. Get to know 214 below..

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Preview 214’s Fortified Audio EP here

DD Welcome to Disco Droppings, 214. You have a lot of material for me to listen through! I want to first discuss my favorite releases of yours, followed by the forthcoming 214 tracks, out this year.

214 Thanks for the interview.

DD Going back to 2004, your Esemplastic LP came out of Mikrolux. I really enjoyed listening through this release on Beatport. The track “Above See Level” feels very dreamy and contemplative. What did you hope to accomplish with this album, and where did you envision yourself around this present time?

214 Thank you. These were actually the first set of tracks I was comfortable with after producing for a few years. I wanted to hone my skills and sound before I was confident sending out a demo. There were 3 labels that were interested, but 2 of them just wanted an ep. I felt the collection of tracks as a whole came across better as an album so I signed on to the now defunct Mikrolux to release the LP.  My only goal was just to get myself out there at the time. Sign onto a label with an eye for aesthetic and good promotion.  

DD Last year in 2011 you released Drift Driving on Harbour City Sorrow. This stood out to me as a very solid and balanced collection of songs. The car revving samples used for the title track are well done and the last track “Sidestepping” has a lot of movement. This among others, was a release you pressed vinyl for. How long have you been collecting vinyl, and were there any specific records that inspired you to want your own 214 vinyl presses?

214 Thanks for the compliment. To date that has been my favorite EP.  Both in sound/production and it was released on a sublabel of one of my favorite labels, Frustrated Funk. (Just a quick note though, no cars were sampled or harmed in the making of the title tune). That was just a synth.  

I’ve been buying vinyl since the mid 90s. I was a dj first. I don’t buy as much these days with the advent of the digital age, but I still pick up what I can. I don’t know if there was one specific record(s) that inspired me, but to me the mid-90s was a time when some of the best electronic music was released. Lots of records with raw emotion. I am also a huge fan of Electro and those were the best years for releases for that style of music.  

DD I’ve been learning more about Hypercolour, the label you’ll be releasing music on this year. This underground house/techno label has featured tracks by Maya Jane Coles, Mosca, Tom Demac and many others since 2006. Maya Jane Coles continues to amaze me, each time I listen to her Essential Mix from last year. How do you plan to spice things up on Hypercolour with your new 214 tracks? What is your favorite release from the label?

214 Well the main thing is that I’m not releasing as 214, but debuting my J.Alvarez moniker on the label. This alias was set up to explore all things house, so it will be a much different sound than my usual. I’m really happy with those tracks and even more excited to be debuting on such a great label.  They grow in strength with each release. To date, my favorite EP is probably Maya’s Hummingbird release. Followed by Huxley’s latest.  

DD Each time I’ve seen you perform live I’ve enjoyed it more and more. You’ve got a strong sense of dance-floor dynamics and the sounds your producing are refreshing to hear in Seattle. Who have you most enjoyed playing shows alongside? Where can we see you play next?

214 Thank you. Live shows are tedious to put together so I appreciate the kind words. This year I plan on reserving those sets for special events, festivals, one offs, etc. They can really drain you during the process of putting them together.  

Last year, playing live for BLOC festival over in England and then home here for Decibel were 2 of my favorites. I played alongside so many great acts.  

I’m playing a short live set on March 8th @ the Electric Tea Garden as part of a Grammy Social mixer for the PAC NW chapter. There will be a lot more information around that at the show and there’s a couple of us working together to get some things happening in Seattle we’re excited about. Outside of the that, the rest are dj sets.

Mar 3 – with MikeQ at LoFi

Mar 9 – with Kenny Larkin @ LoFi

DD Last words?

214 Be on the lookout for my upcoming Fortified Audio EP. Should be out within the month. That will be followed by my Hypercolour EP, which is actually being cut today. Then an EP for Frustrated Funk. All vinyl releases, too, for all you acetate lovers.  

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– Jimi Jaxon