G. Davies is back, supporting his new EP, which can be picked up on Juno. Here’s a look into his current mindset regarding his tunes, show on Sub.FM and such.


DD To me, your “Mechanic EP” is a strong step forward. It has a distinct mix of energy and technique. How do you feel about the release?

GD All the tracks on the EP are at least 1 year old now, so to my ears they sound anything but fresh. Although in saying, this I am still pleased with ‘Crab Riddim’ & ‘Bacta’. Those being two of the better tracks I’ve produced to date.

DD What are your strongest non-musical influences?

GD Non-musical factors that influence my music? Loads really, depends what’s been going on in my personal life to a certain extent. David Lynch films are a big influence. ‘Crowbar’ on the latest EP features a sample from Inland Empire. I’m really into the vibe of his film’s. Proper dread. Would like to hope that carries over into certain tracks of mine.


DD How has your Sub.Fm show with Artek been going? I posted an interview with Hoodmode a little while ago, learned about him from Artek..

GD Sub FM’s been going alright. Handing over the reins to Artek for the next few months though. Taking a step away from the DJ thing to focus on writing songs for a band. It’s too difficult to keep up with new releases from within dance music, when my real passion lies in punk & hardcore. I wish I had a slot on a station where I could play whatever, a new dance tune followed by some grindcore or whatever. Bass music in general is hella saturated at the moment in my opinion, so I’m taking a hiatus as such from mixing, until I feel the urge again. Going through the motions is not the one.

DD What would you like to be known for?

GD Music wise, I’m not too bothered. Ideally to be in a self-sufficient touring band within the next year. Getting too old for this stuff, and don’t want to be one of those ageing hipsters you see hanging around at gigs chatting about how they saw some band 15 years ago. Aside from that I’d like my gravestone to say “Died Tragically Whilst Rescuing His Family From The Remains Of A Sinking Battleship.” Just like Royal Tenenbaum.

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– Jimi Jaxon