The prolific Brenmar has tracks and features goin’ up left and right. A few tracks of his have found their way into many a dj set of mine, including “Be The One” and his remix of Ashanti’s “Fancy”. Today, he’s gracing Disco Droppings with his sultry R&B aesthetic. We talk about his style and participation in the Red Bull Music Academy 2011. Pick up his Let’s Pretend EP on Hum and Buzz Records as well as his remix of W8WTF on Senseless Records.


DD Hello Brenmar! I’m so hyped to have you on Disco Droppings. How is the hustle treating you today? 

B Good good, just been in the studio all day, about to head back in a bit.


DD Have any hugely established artists contacted you after hearing a Brenmar remix of their track? Ashanti? Rihanna? Jamie Foxx? 

B No one of that caliber yet, people are sleeping! I do have some really cool collabs I’m excited about though.  

DD You were a participant on RBMA 2011.  Was this where you first met Canblaster? He’s a favorite of mine..his track “Chicken Run” cracks me up. 

B I met Canblaster last year at Miami and we had talked online before RBMA for a good bit but it wasn’t until the academy that I got to really know him and work with him. He’s an Ableton wizard, lol.   

DD I am auditioning for RBMA 2012 – I’m interested in what the experience meant to you. How were you challenged by the Academy, and what lectures did you enjoy the most? 

B My favorite lectures were Young Guru, DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn, Tony Andrews and Erykah Badu. The schedule is pretty intense, def. The hardest part is getting up early every morning to attend two lectures, followed by studio time and then late night shows/parties. It adds up, believe me but it’s totally worth it, it’s a great experience.  

DD I want to talk about your fashion/style for a bit. Not only is your music distinct and fresh, I would say the same about your clothes, tattoos, hair, it all works! Have you always been interested in these things? Is it a conscious aesthetic that you focus on? 

B Ha, it’s just me man, it all works cause I’m not forcing anything I guess. Give me some gold, a snapback, and some Jordans and we good.  

DD Do you plan on building a club night in your new city of New York, now that you’ve gained national and international attention? 

B Can’t say I haven’t thought about it. I travel a lot which makes it difficult but we’ll see.

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– Jimi Jaxon