Feels like a perfect Sunday feature. Enjoy the smooth rhythms of the ever talented, Archie Hamilton. In the interview below we cover his solid style and label Moscow Records. Hope you’re having a wonderful weeknd.

DD Archie, you’ve got a solid, sexy vibe with your music. Where does all this sexyness come from?

AH Haha! Thanks very much. I think the most important part of any track is the groove. I can’t really move forward with a project until the groove is right, so perhaps that has something to do with it…

DD You’ve had a prolific number of years recently, with residencies, gigs at fine clubs/nights and releases from your label, Moscow Records. What does all this mean to you? What vision do you bring to audiences, given these opportunities?

AH I have been very lucky, so I am very grateful for all of the opportunities that I have been given. It means a lot to work with some of the people that I have, and I really hope it continues this way.

I think the most important thing about going out partying is to forget about your troubles and have fun, so I like to play music that reflects that.
DD As I went through these Moscow Records releases I read about the “Introductions EP, Part 2”, where producers hone their craft in the Moscow Records studio and then release the new tunes. Could you explain this element of the label more?

AH Alex (who I work on Moscow with) and I wanted to figure out a way of breaking down boundaries between the DJ booth and the dance floor. We both know lots of people who have a good ear for music but not necessarily the technical knowhow to translate that into their own work. It’s more of a collaborative process than the initiative described – just getting in the studio with friends and seeing what comes out.

DD You have a strong ability to rework tracks in your own style while still holding to the deep, sultry vibe of the originals. Where did you first hear “Bushes”? That is a classy remix you did!

AH Thanks very much! I bought the record from Rough Trade in London years ago and I’ve always loved that vocal so much – it’s absolutely made for outdoor summer parties and I really wanted to make my own interpretation of it.

DD What do you have coming up in your world? How can we be a part of it?

AH DJ-wise, I’m resident for Rhythmatic here in London, which is every month. We are very lucky to have such a fantastic crowd, the vibe is electric – we had Boris Werner over from Amsterdam last night and he absolutely smashed it.

Production-wise, I have a lot of tracks coming out over that summer on labels like Fear of Flying, Lowpitch and my own label Moscow, so keep an eye open!

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– Jimi Jaxon