It’s so nice to have someone from the crew drop by. If you have a smart phone, I suggest you get the app. 24hr streaming of the best in underground dance music, I listen just about every day. If you don’t have a smart phone you can still stream from your computer. MA1’s “Beyond The Sea” release is out now, and the full release can be picked up through Juno – Interview below


DD I’ve been able to catch a few of your shows. Excellent mixing and song selection. Also, both times a track stood out to me it was one of your own productions. How long have you been involved with, and for those who are unfamiliar, what makes the station special?

MA1 I’ve been involved with for about 4 years! It’s a very unique station as it operates as a radio station and a record label as well. Rinse always aims to stay on the cutting edge of underground music. Whether it’s dubstep, house, grime or funky. The station is probably best known for pushing the dubstep sound, which is so familiar today. The station used to have Skream and Benga on there. And they have had guest shows from all the big djs/producers. From Diplo to Claude Von Stroke to the 2 Bears. 

DD Your new E.P. is out on Roska Kicks & Snares, entitled “Beyond The Sea”.  How would you describe the sound and feel of this release? 

MA1 The aim was to make four different tracks with four different sounds/ directions. “Beyond The Sea” is more a broken beat, UK garage sound. “Bassbox” represents the more common bass sound that you hear these days. A sort of club banger, and “Circles” has smooth vocals, but still has a ruff edge. “Rockstaa” is more bassy but with a house/ electro bass sound. 



DD You have been a part of the garage, house and UK funky scenes over the years. Has your mindset or direction changed as you’ve become interested in these different sounds? 

MA1 Yeah. I’m less concerned about genres etc. I just want to make what I want to make. The garage and UK funky genres has sort of come and gone, but I’m still here. I just take the influences’ from each scene that I’ve been thru and make my own sound. You can hear it when I play live or when I’m on Rinse. 

DD What impact do you hope to have on audiences, through your productions, radio shows and live performances? 

MA1 I want people to enjoy my music, and at the same time I want the crowds to be open to different sounds and not to be afraid of something new. As long as I can achieve that I’ll be happy!


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– Jimi Jaxon