Every time I listen through Surkin’s “USA” album, I feel like it’s been overlooked. Maybe it’s from living in the U.S., but this album is one of the strongest releases I’ve come across recently, and I want to take time to profile it. The tracks “White Knight Two” and “Fan Out”, which have been floating around for a while, are sat inside a confident, colorful album that instantly transports you into Surkin’s dreams of 80’s US nostalgia. Although it draws inspiration from the past, Surkin is innovative with his presentation of old grooves in a new, modern environment. This producer has consistently delivered stellar art; from his solo work, to his collaboration with Bobmo as High Powered Boys (hear “Udon/Work” via Juno), to his work as co-label head for Marble. Do yourself a favor and pick up “USA” through Boomkat. Just when I thought this marvelous album was enough, Surkin has released the USA Club Mixes featuring reworks by Bok Bok & L-Vis 1990, Strip Steve, Para One, Djedjotronic and Noob + the RIDICULOUS Rustie remix of “Lose Yourself”.

I’ve got quite the crush on this guy, Surkin if you’re reading this you’ve got a friend in Seattle ;]

Interviews with Surkin on this release can be read at Nashville Nights and Pulse Radio + get a rad look into his studio techniques below.


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– Jimi Jaxon