Known for being one of the finest DJ’s around, Brackles stops by Disco Droppings for a quick interview. He’s got a wonderful album out via Rinse entitled “Rinse Presents: Brackles”, head over to Boomkat to take it all in. The lp features vocal collaborations with Lily Mckenzie, Terri Walker and Meleka.  


DD What is your goal as a DJ when you’re  directing a dancefloor?  

B Obviously I’m trying to make sure people have a good time, but also I hope I’m playing music people haven’t heard a 100 times before. That can be brand new dubplates or perhaps more obscure records from the past but if the crowd is with me. I try to stay clear of too many obvious tunes.

DD Any Brackles releases on the way? Any plans to tour the U.S? 

B Yes, my debut album dropped on Rinse a few weeks ago. It features 4/5 vocal tracks. No plans to tour the U.S but should be back out to do New York after the CD is out.


DD Top five songs in your current tracklists? 

B Fuzzy Logik and Myshy – Pose

C4 – Off Track

May7ven – Tenten

x5 Dubs – When I See You Smile


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– Jimi Jaxon