The above video for “Night Air” by Jamie Woon is a stunning presentation, capturing the essence of the song with ease. This was the first track I heard from Jamie, and as I’ve heard more tracks from his Mirrorwriting album, I’m thoroughly inspired. The soul of this artist feels as deep as the ocean. There was a time when Burial was set to produce this lp, but that didn’t work out. Burial as well as Ramadanman have influenced Jamie Woon, for their production mastery and ability to “..take a moment and make it linger”, as worded by The Guardian for their Woon feature. The song, “Spirits” reminds me of “The Lion King” every time, animals walking around all proud and epic-like. Also, the superb Hudson Mohawke remix of “Lady Luck” pops into my head often, such a rad, creepy rework.






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– Jimi Jaxon