I’ve been itchin’ to tell you all about my upcoming set at Paradiso Festival. The lineup has some impressive artists such as Knife Party, Chris Lake, Michael Woods, Digitalism, Dillon Francis and Afrojack. I work as an assistant stage manager for USC Events, and have had the oppurtunity to study the dj’s and soak in the environment. Now that I’ve got my own slot, I plan on showing some sounds that I haven’t heard in this area. A hint at where my style is at currently can be heard in my mix for the Insomniac Discovery Project; give it a listen and pass it around, I have a shot at winning a set at EDC in Las Vegas next weekend. Here are a few tracks I’m thinking about, I’ll be posting my exact time slot/stage name once I have the information. For anyone whose been feeling the music showcased on Disco Droppings, you’ll be happy to know I’ll be including some recently featured artists in my tracklist. You may hear tunes from my label, 7 Deadly Records as well. To everyone that’s been following my work, and to all the artists that keep me hyped, this set is for you.



– Jimi Jaxon